Review of the RO-80mm Bullet


Review of the RO-80mm Bullet

Reviewed by Anon

Edited by Voluptasse

Get your Rocks Off! The original Rocks Off 80mm bullet is a must have for every toy box. Like the name suggests it is only 80 mm long but don’t be put off by its small size after all the best things come in small packages! Shaped just like a bullet, it really suits its name! This is my favourite bullet and I have a few of these, so versatile and for the size, it really is a powerful little bullet. At a RRP of around £10 you really can’t go wrong which is why I have more than one.

The RO-80mm Bullet

The RO-80mm bullet comes in what I describe as a little see through test tube with a lid, it fits perfectly and is ideal for storage when you aren’t using it. The bullet comes with a ‘N’ sized battery which really does last for ages! Just unscrew and remove the little cardboard disc and screw back on. To turn on the bullet all you have to do is push the button on the bottom and press it again to turn it off.

The RO-80mm bullet is such a versatile little toy. I have found so many uses and it never gets boring finding new ones! Its sleek design means you can use the tip against your clitoris or lay it length ways for a different sensation. It can be used on male or female nipples. It is a great toy to use with some orgasm balm. Or the female can use it against her cheek while giving her partner oral sex or rest it under his balls for a different sensation. A guy can also use it on his partner during oral. During PIV sex it is a great little toy as it doesn’t get in the way, only enhances things! It is also a great little toy to use when masturbating. The possibilities are endless! It is a great couples or singles toy.

The power you get with this little beauty for the size and the size of the battery really is quite something. I highly recommend that if you don’t have aRO-80mm bullet, is to buy at least one and find out for yourself. If you are very sensitive then you may want to tie a ribbon around it to ‘cushion’ it lightly, also satin ribbons are a win for sensation play! It isn’t a Wand and will never have the power of a Wand but this little beauty kicks ass! Noise wise the bullet buzzes! It isn’t so loud that it puts you off but it isn’t silent either, some music or the TV on as background noise should drown it out.

Taking care of the RO-80mm Bullet

The RO-80mm bullet is super easy to clean as it is waterproof. A few squirts of some sex toy cleaner or some soap and hot water then dry it off. Easy to store in your bedside or knicker drawer, toy box, handbag, or one in each! How I rate the RO-80mm bullet.

Ease of use 5/5

Design 5/5

Quietness 2.5/5

Strength of vibrations 4/5

Over all 4/5

I would like to thank Voluptasse for sending me the RO-80mm to review for free in return for this honest review.


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