Review of the Vibrating Strapless Thong


Review of the Vibrating Strapless Thong

Reviewed by Anon

Edited by Voluptasse

The Vibrating Strapless Thong from Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series is a C-string, which is basically an Alice band that slots over your crotch. It is wider on one end to provide some coverage of your vagina, while the slimmer end nestles between your buttocks to keep it held in position. The front panel also has a small pocket inside which contains a mini vibrating bullet for hands-free stimulation.
The thick cardboard packaging it comes in is far from discreet. Almost every side of the box features an image of a woman wearing nothing but the vibrating thong. There’s also a lot of wasted space inside the box, which measures 8.25 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide and 3 inches in depth.

How big is the Vibrating Strapless Thong?

The thong has a full length of 12.5 inches from one end around to the other, and is 3 inches at its widest point. The support wire is about 1 cm thick and feels very similar to the under-wire in a bra, but a little less rigid. The wire is covered in black nylon fabric and the triangular mesh panel features a leopard print design.
With regular thongs most of the support comes from the waistband. Without that support, this strapless thong places all the pressure on your intergluteal cleft (the groove between your buttocks) which proves uncomfortable pretty quickly and can cause chafing.
The support wire springs back into its original shape which, in theory, should help it cling to your body, but has the opposite effect for me. It gradually slides down away from my crotch as the two ends of the thong draw towards each other. This seems to be aggravated by movement so I would not advise wearing this under a skirt, especially to a nightclub; It would be highly embarrassing to have your vibrating thong accidentally fall off onto the dance floor.
The box states that it could be used as beachwear but it’s extremely skimpy and doesn’t provide much coverage at all therefore, unless it’s a nudist beach, you may find yourself facing a charge for indecent exposure.
The Vibrating Strapless Thong didn’t come with cleaning instructions, but I would suggest washing it by hand along with your other delicates.

How does the Vibrating Strapless Thong vibrate?

The mini plastic bullet that comes supplied with this thong is 2.25 inches long and about 2 inches in circumference. It offers multi-speed vibrations, which are controlled via a twist base and are powered by 3 LR44 batteries. The vibrations are quite strong but very buzzy and surface-level.
The bullet vibrator loosely slips into a small mesh pocket inside the thong. It’s easier to insert the bullet into the pocket before putting the thong on. Likewise, it’s very awkward to change the settings on the bullet while wearing the thong, so I would advise removing the thong beforehand.
When the bullet is inserted into the pocket the front of the thong bulges out slightly, making it less discreet. You can also hear a low buzzing sound through your clothes when on the higher vibration settings.
The Vibrating Strapless thong comes with a blindfold. The blindfold measures 7.25 x 3.75 inches and has a thin, elasticated band that is about 12 inches long unstretched.
The material feels very thin and papery, it even rustles as you crinkle it up. You can’t see through the material but there’s a gap around the nose which you can see out of easily and lets in light. I find that when I’m wearing it the edges fold over too, and could really benefit from some padding to reinforce the eye mask shape.
+ Breathable mesh
+ Good for use with sunbeds
+ Batteries included
– Uncomfortable
– Falls off quite easily
– Weak stimulation
– Better suited for those with a smaller frame
Bottom Line:*
I’m not a fan of under-wires in my bras, why would I want them in my panties?

*Tries to resist making obvious thong joke.

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