Review of the Odeco 7 Speed Vibrator


Review of the Odeco 7 Speed vibrator

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Voluptasse for sending me the Odeco Vibrator to test. The box the Odeco comes in is pretty minimal with a clear window so you know exactly what you are getting and the first thing I noticed about the Odeco was the colour, it is a deep, dark wine colour, a nice change from the usual pink or purple! On the packaging it tells you that 2 AAA batteries are required. Inside the box there is a little booklet with different models and how to work and care for your vibrator but no instructions how to fit the batteries. Thankfully it isn’t rocket science and you just unscrew the unique handle, pop the batteries in and screw the handle back on. I was disappointed not to find a storage pouch to keep the vibrator in.

How big is the Odeco 7 Speed vibrator?

The Odeco 7 Speed vibrator measures about 7 inches with 5 of them being insertable and 4.25 inches in circumference. Made from high quality silicone, the shaft of the vibrator is ribbed for added pleasure. The Odeco is a one touch control vibrator, just press the button to switch on, and again to change speed or pattern, of which the Odeco has 7 different ones. When you turn the vibrator on the bottom lights up and changes with each different speed or pattern, handy for playing with the lights out! To turn off, simply just press the bottom for about 3 seconds.

The Odeco 7 Speed vibrator is a reasonably quiet vibe, no where near the noise of a rabbit or a wand, if noise is a factor for you, I found the TV was enough to drown the noise out. The strength of the vibrations on this vibe are varied depending on what mode you choose. The first and lowest setting is still quite a powerful setting, the next 2 are stronger and the other 4 settings escalate so you can mix up your play time. I’m sure everyone will find a setting that they like!

The Odeco 7 Speed vibrator really does feel like a high end vibrator, the high quality silicone shaft is so soft and the ribbed effect really does feel good inside. The unique ‘O’ shaped handle really is rather good, you are able to get a good grip if you have gone a bit OTT with the lube! The only thing lacking that distinguishes this from a high end vibrator is the fact that is is battery operated and not rechargable.

I normally prefer glass toys so it was a nice change to have such a nice vibrator, although the vibrations are quite strong, I wasn’t able to orgasm without a little help from an added bullet. When I did however, I found my orgasms to be quite strong! In other play sessions I found the Odeco 7 Speed vibrator great for some foreplay as the shaft is so nice trailed over your body! With the unique ‘O’ shaped handle, it makes for a great anal vibrator too! This vibrator really is very versatile! I have tested this vibrator well and the Duracell batteries seem to be lasting well! The only other down side apart from it being battery operated instead of rechargeable is that I couldn’t find out if this vibrator is waterproof or not. I have just been extra carefully when cleaning it. It is really easy to clean, just a few squirts of sex toy cleaner or some soap and warm water.

My thoughts on the Odeco 7 Speed vibrator

Overall I would describe the Odeco 7 Speed vibrator as a good quality vibrator, at first glances it could be mistaken as a very high end vibrator! The down points are no pouch, battery instead of rechargeable and I couldn’t find out if it was waterproof or not. I think I’m being very picky, it really is a great toy!

Quality 4/5

Orgasm Rating 4/5

Quietness 3.5/5

Quality 4/5

Ease of use 5/5

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