Review of the LELO SIRI 2


Review of the LELO SIRI 2

Reviewed by Joy De Vivre

Edited by Voluptasse

A musical revolution is upon us and vibration can now be controlled with just the sound of your lover’s voice. The LELO SIRI 2 is an innovative clitoral vibrator that uses sound to control vibration. This means that the louder you moan during masturbation, the harder you climax!

This palm size pleaser was sent to me from the wonderful guys at LELO in return for an honest and unbiased review. The SIRI 2 is crafted using high quality, body safe products and is available from the LELO website for just £79.00.

Intrigued? Yep, I was too…

Packaging and Information of the LELO SIRI 2

As with all LELO products the SIRI 2 comes in the luxury gift box and has the 1 year warranty. The unit is completely rechargeable so it has a USB charging lead and a free water-based lubricant. There is a full set of instructions included in the pack which is filled with helpful information and a satin storage pouch to keep your SIRI 2 clean and dust free.

Charging the LELO SIRI 2

To charge the SIRI 2, simply insert the plug into the plastic base at the bottom of the unit. When charging, the lights on the unit begin to flash to show that it is working correctly. If the buttons don’t illuminate, check that you have plugged the wire in properly and try again.

I charged the unit for around 2 hours to ensure that it had a really good initial charge. For each 30 minute charge, you can enjoy up to 2 hours play so there isn’t long to wait.

Initial Impression of the LELO SIRI 2

The LELO SIRI 2 is a high quality vibrator that has an incredibly sleek unit. It’s crafted from ABS plastic and soft silicone and stands at approximately 4.5 inches tall. It fits neatly in the palm on my hand and has a slight curve so I kept a firm grip during play. The LELO SIRI 2 is also waterproof so it can be enjoyed in the bath or shower. This is a feature which pleases me greatly, particularly as ‘alone time’ is something which can be hard to get with five kids.

Because the vibrating tip is silicone, always keep a good water-based lubricant to hand. Silicone tends to drag against your delicate skin so a good lubricant like the GiveLube Aqua creates a much more enjoyable experience.

If you don’t have lube to hand, the free sachet is the perfect touch for your first play.

The Settings on the LELO SIRI 2

To get started, press the + button to activate the SIRI 2 and keep pressing to scroll through the different settings. Use the UP and DOWN buttons control the level of intensity till you reach the perfect level of vibration.

The SIRI 2 has 9 separate settings which are:

  • Classical – Steady vibration
  • Reggae –  Slow pulses
  • Rumba – Quick pulses
  • Folk – Low to high escalation then 3 quick pulses
  • Hip Hop – Faster low to high escalation then 3 quick pulses
  • Soul – low to high to low escalation
  • Techno – very quick pulses
  • Jazz – variation of low and high pulses and escalations
  • Sound Activation – Pulses to match the surrounding noise

There is also a travel lock feature. To activate the travel lock, hold the + and – buttons together for 3 seconds. Repeat this action to remove the travel lock feature.

The Review of the LELO SIRI 2

I found the SIRI 2 a really interesting product and one of the most exciting LELO products I’ve seen to date. I applied a generous amount of the water-based lubricant and took my time reviewing this unique and intriguing product.

The SIRI 2 is whisper quiet but very powerful and has a rumble of vibration which was much stronger than I anticipated. The settings were easy to navigate and it was great fun scrolling through the different settings. I love how each setting offers something completely different but the end result was exactly the same, a powerful orgasm.

The setting which interested me the most was setting number 9, the sound activation setting. To get to this setting you can scroll through the whole unit or you can press the UP and DOWN buttons at the same time (around 3 seconds)

Once the feature is activated, I found that the unit pulsated in time with my voice. When we put on some music, the unit pulsates in time with the sound, but doesn’t offer the seamless rhythm that I enjoyed with the other settings.

In the bath and shower, the SIRI 2 worked brilliantly. The silicone warms gently with the water and I was free to enjoy some time alone behind a locked door. I struggled to get a decent pulsation under the water with the activated setting so please bear that in mind when using it in the bath.

Overall, it’s a nice product and there are plenty of settings to enjoy. The vibration is incredibly powerful and the results are intense which is great. I love the sleek design and the discreet size and think that it would work well during foreplay as well as masturbation.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the sound activated function and found that the vibration was more random then flowing. Because of this, it was quite frustrating trying to enjoy the function mid orgasm.

I much prefer the Jazz setting or the speedy buzz of the Techno function – words I never thought I would utter!



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