Review of the Duo Balls

By Lady Spanky 

He pushed my legs apart giving him full access to my pussy. I gasped as I felt him push something cold and round into me. “What are you doing?” I asked breathlessly. “They’re called Ben-Wa balls” he said, sliding another ball into me. He helped me to my feet, and I gasped again as I felt the balls move and bump against each other inside me. By the time I was standing up my breath was coming in quiet gasps, and my nipples were hard as pebbles beneath my dress.’ 

Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James 

It was this paragraph that catapulted the Kegal balls (Ben-Wa Balls) from an ordinary sex aid to one of the ‘must have’ Sex Toys of 2012. Practical as well as exciting, the Kegal Balls are a necessary item for the collection of every woman simply because of the numerous and important health benefits that you gain from their regular usage. 

Let me explain… 

The pelvic floor is a large sheet of muscles between a females pubic bone and tail bone. These muscles are important because they help hold up your bladder, vagina, uterus and bowel. Through aging, childbirth and various other factors these muscles can become weakened and lead to urinary and fecal incontinence, loss of sexual pleasure and in serious cases a prolapse of the vagina which often requires surgery. 

Regular exercises of the pelvic floor (at least once a day) can quite often prevent these conditions but the feedback I’ve received from friends is that these exercises are difficult to remember to do and a lot of people aren’t sure whether they are doing them correctly. I recently attended a pregnancy Yoga class and there wasn’t one person in that class who was sure whether she was correctly exercising her pelvic floor properly. Scary stuff! 

So this is where the Kegal Balls step in!
Kegal Balls are small weighted devices that are designed to be worn inside the vagina. They are held in place by the pelvic floor muscles and give the internal area a full muscle workout discreetly and without any of the complicated exercises. As the balls knock together this often creates a feeling of arousal in the wearer because they can rub against the G Spot area. 

With this in mind I ordered the Duo Balls from the Adult Toy Lounge as I was keen to pick up my pelvic exercise routine after recently giving birth. I decided to try the Duo Balls as they were slightly larger than the stainless steel Ben-Wa balls. The steel balls have a tendency to become too slippery for an unpractised user so I decided to play it safe with a slightly larger set and see how I got on. 

When the balls arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging of the Duo Balls. They arrived in a plastic sleeve with a purple cardboard background and looked to be worth much more that the £7.90 that they retail for. The only down side is that they don’t contain any usage or storage instructions and fail to say whether they are safe to be cleaned with soap and water. I am not sure if that would cause any problems for a new user? 

Made from a black and white plastic material, the balls appear to be strong, durable and a surface which is easy to clean. Each ball has a circumference of 4.5 inches and the whole set weighs approximately 75 grams in total. These balls are unisex and therefore can be used by both men and women. 

Before using Kegal Balls, the bladder must be empty and the balls must be cleaned. I cleaned them using soap and water and put a small amount of lubricant on each one. It is important to clean the balls whenever they are taken out and before any kind of reinsertion to prevent infections. 

Once inserted the balls were very easy to hold in place. Kegal balls give a feeling of ‘fullness’ but it isn’t an unpleasant sensation. It is recommended by experts that you use Kegal Balls for at least fifteen minutes a day to help tone your pelvic floor but I tend to keep them in for the afternoon whilst I carry out my daily activities. It’s perfectly safe to do so! 

Because of the weights in these balls they do jiggle together slightly and create some very pleasant sensations. It was nothing as dramatic as depicted in the Fifty Shades novels but it did encourage me to take an extra five minutes stroll to the shop and even to try running up and down the stairs a few times! Much more fun than an afternoon at the gym… 

Because the Kegal balls are so discreet I wore them whilst having coffee with friends and then later for the weekly shop. No one was any wiser, the balls held firmly in place and at times it was easy to forget that they were there. 

To remove the balls you simply pull the attached chord and the balls will pop out. The chord is made of strong plastic and travels through the centre of the balls for extra safety. In the unlikely event that the chord snaps, the balls can be easily removed by pushing down using your pelvic muscles. 

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Duo Balls. At just £7.90 the value for money is amazing and I did get some satisfaction from their little jiggles whilst I ran my daily errands. They are easy to use, perfect for beginners and I am particularly fond of the health benefits of using these balls. 

A definite winner for me!Update – These balls are no longer available but I have linked to a similar kind. One of my customers reported her first outing without requiring a panty liner seven weeks after she started using these balls for exercise.





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