Review of the Fun Factory Pearly


Review of the Fun Factory Pearly

Reviewed by Lady Spanky

Edited by Voluptasse

Now those who read my earlier review of the Fun Factory Big Boss will know that I am a huge fan of Fun Factory products. I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t impress me with their vast array of features and innovative designs. I was sent this product from The Fun Factory company in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Anyone interested in purchasing the Pearly can order direct from the Fun Factory Website for just 64 Euro’s which equates to £52.19 in GBP.

First Impressions of the Fun Factory Pearly

The Fun Factory Pearly arrived quickly and discreetly in plain packaging. No tell-tale logos which could alert anyone to the contents. Excellent.

The Fun Factory Pearly arrived in a lovely gift box and could easily be wrapped and presented to a lover. There are two colours to choose from, a lovely majestic green or bright opulent purple. As you can see from the pictures I was lucky enough to receive a lovely green coloured Pearly.

Charging the Fun Factory Pearly

Now, the biggest flaw with the Fun Factory products is the charging system. You do get a charger with every Fun Factory product and It’s recommended that you charge the Fun Factory Pearly for approximately 8 hours before use. It’s important that when you connect the magnetic charger, you see the FUN symbol flashing to show that the product IS charging. You must also take care to prop the toy in a way so it remains completely still, the slightest knock WILL unhinge the charger.

What does the Fun Factory Pearly actually do? 

The Fun Factory Pearly may look small at only 7 inches and with a circumference of 4 inches, but the 2.5 inch insertable length is specifically designed to massage the ultra-orgasmic G-Spot. This is illustrated by the slightly thicker, forward facing curve at the tip of the vibrator. The edge is slightly flattened to sit against the G-Spot and provide deep stimulation during use.

The short, stubby stem which branches off at the base of the Fun Factory Pearly is designed to caress the clitoris with a series of powerful vibrations to create mind blowing dual stimulation.

As you can see, I have high expectations from this tiny toy..

The functions of the Fun Factory Pearly

The Fun Factory Pearly has 6 levels of vibration intensity, these can be adjusted using the – button located at the base of the unit.

To scroll through another 6 pleasure inducing patterns, simply press the + button at the base of the unit.  You’ll find:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Low to High intensity repeated in waves
  • Fast Waves of Low to High Intensity
  • Pulsation

The Fun Factory Pearly is also 100% waterproof and worked very well in the bath and shower.

The vibrator is whisper quiet and switches off quickly with a single press of the red FUN button. Ideal for someone (like me) who very rarely gets any time alone to myself without an interruption.

There is also a travel lock function so your Fun Factory Pearly can be carried in your handbag or luggage with accidentally setting off. To activate this setting you simply press the red FUN button and the button very quickly at the same time.

To remove the travel lock you simply press the red FUN button and the + button at the same time and away you go.

The Review of the Fun Factory Pearly

Right, down to the most interesting part. Before using the Fun Factory Pearly, I highly recommend using a decent water-based lubricant like the Give Lube Aqua. This prevents the soft, medical grade silicone from dragging against your delicate skin during use.

Once lubed up, the Pearly inserts with ease and finds my G-Spot easily, particularly being so compact and designed to locate the area. Whilst providing stimulating G-Spot massage, I found that with some manoeuvre, the small nub sits against my clitoris too, as expected.

Because the function control is located at the base of the unit, it’s really easy to switch between settings during use. I took some time to switch between the settings over several different occasions and found that for this particular toy I preferred the highest level of intensity and stimulation. Quite often building up from a lower intensity to reach the high, powerful point.

After use, because the Fun Factory Pearly is waterproof it can be easily washed with soap and water but must be left to dry naturally. The type of silicone used for this toy attracts dust and lint so drying with a towel or cloth may cause an unpleasant layer of cotton and lint. The silicone also attracts dust, so store in suitable container or Toy Bag and always wash before use.

My thoughts on the Fun Factory Pearly

Overall, the Fun Factory Pearly is a compact, handbag friendly toy which packs an orgasmic punch. The features are great and the vibrations are powerful. The combination of G-Spot and clitoral stimulation lead to an amazing, powerful orgasm and there are loads of different functions to play with.

If the charging system was sturdier the Pearly would score much higher but it’s only a minor issue once you are aware of it. I’d still highly recommend it as a product.

As before, Anyone interested in purchasing the Pearly can order direct from the Fun Factory Website for just 64 Euro’s which equates to £52.19 in GBP.






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