Review of the Fun Factory Stronic Drei


Review of the Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Reviewed by Lady Spanky

Edited by Voluptasse

I was sent the Stronic Drei from the lovely people at Fun Factory in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product. The Stronic Drei is available directly from the Fun Factory website for 154 Euro’s. Postage takes within 3-4 days within the European Union.

This is my third offering from the Fun Factory range and so far I’ve been suitably impressed. Each toy is incredibly different and offers a range of exciting features combined with a high quality product.

Contents of the Fun Factory Stronic Drei

The Fun Factory Stronic Drei arrived in a beautiful gift box containing magnetic charging unit and a stark warning that the product CAN BE HARMFUL TO PACEMAKER WEARERS. This is due to the heavy weight and powerful magnets contained within the Stronic Drei. These magnets cause the powerful thrusting motion but can adversely affect the function of a pacemaker.

How Big is the Fun Factory Stronic Drei

The Stronic Drei measures approximately 10 inches in length, of which 5.5 inches is insertable and approximately 5.5 inches in circumference at the thickest point. It isn’t an overly large product but its nice and girthy, which I like.

This particular Fun Factory offering has a powerful curve in the shaft. This is designed to seek out the sensitive G-Spot and provide deep internal massage using the thick ribbed textures and flexible tip. The Stronic Drei also has a wide, flared base which is designed to stimulate the clitoris and perineum during use. This also illustrates that the Stronic Drei can be used for anal stimulation too, so it’s extremely versatile.

Another feature of the Fun Factory Stronic Drei which I liked were the powerful ridges which travel throughout the silicone shaft and down to the flared base. The angle of the ridges are designed for easy insertion. However, due to the shape and the ridge dynamic, once the Fun Factory Stronic Drei begins to vibrate and pulsate, it will create an internal resistance which in turn, delivers powerful and deep stimulation.

Charging the Fun Factory Stronic Drei

The CLICK N CHARGE system is a great feature due to the costs saved by recharging and the fact that the charging point is water-resistant. However, magnetic charging ports have a tendency to slip with the slightest knock which can be disappointing. Because I know this, I was careful when charging the Fun Factory Stronic Drei and found that I have no problems charging the unit. When the Stronic Drei is charging properly the buttons light up on the handle to illustrate this, so always check that the buttons are lit. If not, the charger may have slipped.

CLICK N CHARGE Fun Factory chargers used to be purchased separately from the products. However, after speaking with a Fun Factory representative it was confirmed that the chargers now come with all Fun Factory products, eliminating the need for a separate purchase – brilliant!

Like all products I give it a really good charge overnight and am pleased to see that it gives over 3 hours of play per charge.

Settings on the Fun Factory Stronic Drei

To switch on the Stronic Drei you simply press the red FUN button at the base of the handle. To scroll through the 10 pleasure settings you simply press the + or – buttons to move between them.

The exciting thing about the Stronic Drei is that it isn’t a standard vibrator because it doesn’t vibrate. It moves forwards and backwards in a rhythmic thrusting motion to simulate the sensation of penetrative sexual intercourse.

The + and – buttons don’t increase and decrease intensity as you would expect, but they switch between the different settings. The – setting delivers a slower and longer thrust pattern whereas the + setting is a faster and quicker pulsation.

To travel lock the Stronic Drei, simply press the FUN and – button together. The FUN and + buttons will then flash to indicate that these need to be pressed together to unlock the toy. Perfect for those like who have a terrible memory!

My Review of the Fun Factory Stronic Drei

I really like the look and feel of the Stronic Drei. I got a lovely pink one which is my favourite colour and it feels smooth and seamless. Because it’s made from silicone, the Stronic Drei does have a tendency to attract lint and dust so I made sure that I gave it a good clean and applied lots of water-based lubricant so that it wouldn’t drag against my skin.

The Stronic Drei isn’t a huge vibrator so I wasn’t daunted by the size or the thick ribbed texture, on the contrary, I was intrigued as to how the vibrator would feel. The end of the vibe is tapered so that it isn’t difficult to insert and the curved shaft found my G-Spot very quickly.

As I said earlier, the Stronic Drei is quite girthy and I really liked the thickness and shorter length. I discovered that the FUN button actually has memory so it reverts to the last setting that you used before. If you need quick and fast play it means that you don’t need to scroll through all the settings to find your favourite.

During use, I found that the way which worked best for me was to start on a lower – setting and to build up to intensity with the + settings as my excitement began to increase. The flared base doesn’t really stimulate the clitoris unless moved up against it. However, I found that I preferred to use the Stronic Drei with one hand quite still. Using the rhythmic pulsation and a bullet vibrator to combine the deep internal stimulation with clitoral stimulation.

It’s a mind-blowing experience and one that I’ve returned to time and time again.

Overall experience with the Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Overall, I found the Fun Factory Stronic Drei to be a rather complex but very brilliant product. I’ve used the Fun Factory Stronic Drei on lots of occasions and it’s easily one of my regular ‘Go To’ sex toys.

It’s a luxury toy and this is evidenced in the vast range of features and powerful design. It’s never fails to bring me to a powerful orgasm but did require some practice and experimentation to find exactly how to make it work for me. However, once it works – IT WORKS!

Because it has 10 different modes of pulsation to choose from it has a lot to offer in terms of versatility and it’s a really great product. The locking system means that it’s great for travel and the whisper-quiet motor is perfect for those who require discretion.

Another 10/10 product from the brilliant Fun Factory


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  1. We have many different toys. Some cheap some very expensive. Why we buy cheap stuff is unknown since once tried (if tried) is rarely used. Perhaps it’s the joy of mental masturbation but in the end, a waste of money. We are into high end products and this is a great device. Very IMPORTANT to note that this is NOT a vibrator but a pulsing pleasing pushing pleasure product. Works hands free for us which is a big pleasure plus. Extremely sturdy and well made. A bit heavy but maybe weight contributes to its use. Not for the first time toy user. May ruin you for future exploration.

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