Review of the Rocks Off 7 Speed Mona


Review of the Rocks Off 7 Speed Mona

Reviewed by Joy De Vivre

Edited by Voluptasse

Its Rocks Off Week at Voluptasse this week so it’s only fitting that we kick off with a review of one of their newest products, the Rocks Off 7 Speed Mona.  The Mona is available from the Rocks Off Website and retails at a very reasonable £14.99.
This beautiful Vibrator comes boxed and sitting on a soft velvet case which gave it an expensive and luxurious feel. It arrived discreetly packaged and also comes in a white sleeve so if it is ever opened by accident it isn’t immediately apparent what’s inside the package.
Once opened, the RO Mona is a very pretty bullet vibrator. It’s a hot pink colour with an amazing glittery surface that is perfect for a lover of anything pink and girly (like me!). The appearance of the Mona is that it is similar to a bullet but longer, thicker and sleeker.  It measures approximately 10 cm in length so it’s still quite a petite product and easy to store away from prying eyes.
The RO-Mona is made from a tough plastic material that is free from phthalates and completely body safe. It is also 100% waterproof and to illustrate this, I have tried out the RO Mona in the bath and shower and was pleased to see that it functions perfectly in both and neither affected the beautiful exterior of the Mona. No flaking or chipping of the glittery surface and it stayed in perfect working order.
Like all Rocks Off products it’s built to last!


To get things working, you simply unscrew the bottom and remove the white piece of paper that sits on the top of the battery, once you had put everything back together just press the button at the top of the vibrator to find the lowest setting. To change the settings or increase the power simply press the buttons to find the function which suits your mood. To switch off you hold the button for a few seconds until it switches off.
The RO – Mona boasts seven delicious setting and none of them disappoint!
It gives out a strong powerful vibration that delivers the required result very quickly, even on the lowest setting! The longer, thicker design is perfect for use by a partner during sex as it make is easier to reach the clitoris during a variety of different positions. It’s powerful but quiet and when holding it under a bed quilt its virtually silent so I would be more than comfortable using it whilst there are others in the house.


The seven functions of the RO – Mona are as follows;
1)      Low
2)      Medium
3)      High – WOW!
4)      Rhythmic vibration with short pulsing and a longer pulse
5)      Medium Pulsing vibration
6)      Low vibration increasing to high vibration over 4 seconds and back to low again – very good for teasing and creating strong orgasms, my favourite setting!
7)      Strong pulsing vibration

Overall I am really impressed with the RO – Mona, I have always been a huge fan of the Rocks Off Company because of their professionalism and high quality products and this beautiful vibrator is no exception.

Like everything Rocks-Off its affordable, durable and aesthetically pleasing and I’m really pleased with it as a product.




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