Review of the Rocks Off Jira


Review of the Rocks Off Jira

Reviewed by Lady Spanky

Edited by Voluptasse

I haven’t reviewed a Rocks Off sex toy for ages so I was thrilled to receive a Rocks Off Jira in the post from the guys at Rocks Off in return for an honest and unbiased review. The Rocks Off Jira is available from the Rocks Off website for £60.00 and comes in two colours, Black and Pink.

First Impression of the Rocks Off Jira

The Rocks Off Jira is a medium size but girthy vibrator with a twist-type texture from the top of the vibrator to the bottom. The outside material is body-safe silicone and this vibrator is rechargeable. The Jira comes with an instruction booklet and UB charger so there are no fiddly batteries to fight with during use.

But first things first, it’s time to start charging…

Charging the Rocks Off Jira

Charging the Rocks Off Jira is easy. For an IPhone addict like me, I used the plug that comes with my IPhone to plug the USB charger into. The charging port is located at the base of the product so it’s easy enough to find. To charge the Jira, simply push the charger into the bottom and you will see the light flash at the side of the vibrator.

When charging, the Rocks Off Jira will flash red. When the vibrator is fully charged, this light will turn green. However, there was a note on the box which states that due to the colour of the silicone, the green may not show up clearly. For ease of reference, charging of four hours is recommended per charge.


The Rocks Off Jira

After a four hour charge it was time to look at the Jira. At 7 inches in length it’s a sizable sex toy but without a lengthy unit at the base, it seems smaller and more compact. Because it has medical grade silicone, the Jira is very smooth to the touch whilst a tapered tip ensures that there will be little discomfort during insertion.

During my first impressions of the toy, I wasn’t too sure about the relevance of the twisting textures. They give the Jira an interesting look but whether these subtle textures do anything during use will be interesting to see.  As the vibrator thickens out it becomes very girthy; I measured the widest point at a whopping six inches so it’s not a sex toy for the faint hearted.

The RO Jira is operated using a raised textured button located at the base of the vibrator, I liked this idea. Having to seek out the control button of a vibrator during use is a real passion killer.

Switching on the Rocks Off Jira and changing settings

The switch on the Jira, a quick press of the button is sufficient. Each press takes you through to another setting and so forth. Continue to scroll through the various settings until you find the perfect mode.

Once play has finished, keep your finger on the button until the unit switches off.

The Rocks Off Jira Settings

The Rocks Off Jira has ten pleasure settings to choose from:

  1. High steady vibration
  2. Medium steady vibration
  3. Low steady vibration
  4. Long pulses
  5. Medium pulses
  6. Quick pulses
  7. Quick pulses, then medium pulses, then one long pulse
  8. Quick pulses, then medium pulses
  9. Medium pulses, then quick pulses
  10. Quick pulses, then long pulses

My Review of the Rocks Off Jira

With the Rocks Off Jira I needed lots of water based lubricant. Despite looking quite petite, this girthy little vibrator is deceptive in size and much bigger than I thought. Also, because it’s made from silicone, the outer texture does drag on your skin.

Because of the tapered tip, I found the Rocks Off Jira really easy to insert and very comfortable during use. The impressive girth is incredibly filling and sits comfortably against my G Spot whilst the powerful vibration resonates throughout my body. I found the vibrator very easy to scroll through using the raised button and wow….. it was incredible.

I usually prefer clitoral vibration but this powerful vibrator brought me to orgasm very quickly without the need for clitoral play. Nothing escapes the attention of these incredible sensations and I really enjoyed experimenting with it.

For those who do prefer clitoral over G Spot orgasms. I found that by switching between clitoral and G Spot stimulation, I enjoyed a very intense blended orgasm. Also, using the number 7 setting combined with a RO 180 bullet – that was a pretty mind-blowing experience.

Because the RO Jira is a waterproof vibrator it’s great in the bath or shower. In the bath, the silicone does warm with the heat of the water so you enjoy sensations what are slightly different, but it will wash away any lubricant (which I need with this toy) so I prefer the shower.

My thoughts on the Rocks Off Jira

I actually really liked this toy and it’s one of the few which has made it to my ‘top drawer’ for my own recreational use. It has the perfect amount of power, lots of features to choose from and I have never had a disappointing experience with it.

Did it get my Rocks Off? Hell yeah!




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