Review of the Sqweel Go


Review of the Sqweel Go

Reviewed by Anon

Edited by Voluptasse

I’ve been lusting after a Sqweel since they first came out years ago but when you have children, treats for Mum are rare, and so I was forced to admire from afar. That was until the lovely Jim Primrose from LoveHoney gave me the new and improved version of the Sqweel, the Sqweel Go at the ETO show in return for an honest and unbiased review.

The Sqweel Go from LoveHoney is the world’s best-selling oral sex simulator and comprises of a wheel of 10 rotating silicone tongues which caress the clitoris with teasing licks. Petite and rechargeable, the Sqweel Go charges by USB port and gives up to 1 hour of play per 2 hour charge.

Enclosed in the pack is a small instruction booklet which advises charging and washing the Sqweel Go before use. The instructions are really easy to follow and should you need any further advice LoveHoney even have their own instruction video starring the delightful Anabelle Knight.

Charging the Sqweel Go

Charging is really simple, there is a plug unit at the base of the toy, plug it in and charge it using a USB plug socket or straight into your computer. The base of the Sqweel Go lights up during charging to show that you are doing it properly.

Whilst the Sqweel Go was charging, I took the opportunity to have a good look at it. It’s pink and purple in colour which gave a nice blend of contrasting colours, particularly as I love my colourful toys.

The Sqweel Go Features

The Sqweel Go is approximately 3 inches in height and is small enough to hide in a bag or drawer without arousing suspicion. It’s a submersible toy, which means that it will still work whilst submerged underwater. I always dread this part of the review after drowning an excellent ‘waterproof’ vibrator during one reviewing disaster. However, the Sqweel Go still worked perfectly in the water and there were no adverse effects.


Because the tongues are silicone, I’d recommend using a good water-based lubricant like the GiveLube Aqua. This is because silicone has a tendency to drag against your delicate skin and nobody wants to suffer a clitoral friction burn, least of all me.

Another tip for you is to stand the lubricant in warm water before use, it’ll warm nicely and feels amazing against your skin – particularly when using with with oral sex simulators as it mimics the warmth of another person and adds to the authenticity of experience.

The packaging tells me that the Sqweel Go has 3 powerful speeds and 3 patterns- light shudders, intense pulsations and fast licks. Fabulous!

The Modes of the Sqweel Go

Scrolling between functions is easy, it requires a simple press of the button.

1 press – low intensity spin

2 presses – mid intensity spin

3 presses – high intensity spin

4 presses – high intense pulsations

5 presses – low intensity pulsation with a long gap between the next spin

6 presses – low to high intensity, with pulsation at the most intense point and a quick gap between sessions (lasts approx. 15 seconds before it begins again)

To shut off the Sqweel Go, simply hold the button for a few seconds.

My Review of the Sqweel Go

During use, the Sqweel Go was really easy to use and hold. It’s quite bulbous at the base which gives an easy grip and the large control button is easy to find and control. A simple press takes you to the required setting and as they start from low it’s easy to increase as your excitement builds.

As I am a huge fan of tease settings, my favourite was the Low to high intensity (6 presses) there was no need to scroll through to a more intense setting because the work is done for you and the teasing build-up of low to high made for a very pleasurable finish.

The motor in the Sqweel Go is whisper quiet and can’t be heard in another room or even when placed under the duvet. It’s perfect for someone like me who needs toys that are discreet. Despite appearances, it’s not just a toy for solo play. We found that it worked well during both foreplay and for clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

Overall, the Sqweel Go was well worth the wait. I loved it, as a product it has a lot to offer in terms of features and at just £39.99 it’s very reasonably priced for a rechargeable toy.

Marks out of 10? A very easy 10.

The Sqweel Go also qualifies for the amazing 3 for £75 offer from LoveHoney.

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