Review of the Swan Trumpeter


Review of the Swan Trumpeter

Reviewed by Lady Spanky

Edited by Voluptasse

The Swan Trumpeter was given to me by the up and coming SeGzi Company in return for an honest and unbiased review. The Trumpeter retails at £99.99 but currently has a whopping £28.00 discount at SeGzi so is currently available from the SeGzi website at the bargain price of £71.99 – Brilliant!

The Trumpeter arrived very quickly after I was informed that I would be receiving one and arrived in very discreet brown packaging. There was absolutely no indication of where the product was from and no indication of contents.

Once opened, I was struck by the lovely storage box which has a magnetic fastening at the side. It ensures the box stays firmly closed and doubles up as a lovely gift box too, perfect for treating someone special.

Inside the box I found the Swan Trumpeter, a soft satin pouch, a charger, full instructions and four different plug adapters which means that the Swan Trumpeter can be used anywhere in the world. Great for those who want to take it on holiday!

The Trumpeter needs to be charged for at least 3 hours before use. The charging unit is located just under the middle of the stem and will light up to indicate that it is charging properly. After 3 LOOOOONG hours (I hate waiting) my Swan Trumpeter was fully charged and the fun could begin.

The Swan Trumpeter is covered with beautiful, soft silicone and looks elegant from start to finish. The covering is seamless and it exudes luxury from root to tip. From my examination, I noted that there are two aspects to the Swan Trumpeter. It has a beautiful swan-like appearance but this is for a very important reason.

The top of the Swan Trumpeter is a thin, tapered end which has a small head at the top. The curve of the neck and the position of the head looks ideal for direct and precise stimulation.

The bottom half of the Swan Trumpeter offers a much thicker and wider area than the tip. Because it is much thicker and girthier, the bottom half is unyielding and firm compared to its flexible counterpart.

Another great aspect of the Swan Trumpeter is that the two halves of the vibrator work independently of each other. The top button controls the slimmer half and the bottom button controls the thicker half.

One quick press of each button will start the vibration off, but keep your finger pressed on the button to ‘up the ante’ as another quick press simply turns it off.

You can also Travel Lock your Swan by pressing both buttons at the same time for up to four seconds, perfect if you are taking it on holiday. I’ve had many a suitcase mishap where a vibrator is knocked and I’ve had to empty the case to switch it off – true story!

I’ve also had a handbag ‘dance’ around a neighbours floor due to an unruly vibrator so a travel lock is a huge bonus for me.  Press the buttons together for another few seconds to turn off the travel lock.

With the Swan Trumpeter, I would advise a really good water based lubricant as silicone does have a tendency to drag against your delicate skin during use. Plus, this will help to heighten the sensation during play.

With up to 14 hours of use per 3 hour charge, I couldn’t wait to get started on the Trumpeter and see what all the fuss was about. The clock was ticking!

During use I found that the thicker end was much better at stimulating my G Spot and flexible head was much better for direct clitoral play. Switching between the top and bottom to combine clitoral and G-Spot stimulation felt absolutely heavenly. The buttons were very easy to navigate during use and the fact that I could increase or decrease stimulation in a particular area is a great feature.

I very rarely reach orgasm with G-Spot stimulation alone but the Swan Trumpeter surprised me with an unexpected G-Spot orgasm! The wider and thicker base found my hot spots much easier than the smaller head and because of the thick curve it covered the whole area which was perfect for hunting down the tricky G Spot.

The long stem of the Swan Trumpeter was really easy to manoeuvre into the position that I wanted it too and I was able to change position and switch between top and bottom with no difficulties.  I used a lower intensity to start off with and built up the power as I went along, even with both motors running at full power the Swan Trumpeter remained whisper quiet and very discreet.

The Swan Trumpeter is completely covered in luxury silicone and is 100% waterproof. Not all toys are waterproof despite claiming this so I gingerly carried my lovely Swan into the bath, held my breath and submerged…..

It worked perfectly, phew! I’ve since used it in the bath and shower and have had no adverse effects.

For couples play, the long stem of the Swan is perfect for grazing gently over my lover’s body. I found that the smaller head works best for this because it works with the contours of the body due to its flexibility.

Once play has finished, the Swan Trumpeter is really easy to clean with ordinary soap and water and can be tried with a clean towel. The silicone attracts no lint or dust and simply stores away in the satin pouch until next time.

Overall, the Swan Trumpeter is one of the best products that I’ve reviewed in a long time. It’s truly versatile and I loved having the opportunity to switch between clitoral and G-Spot stimulation when I wanted to. The dual motors are a great function and the fact that it can be incorporated into foreplay adds a further dimension to this multi-talented vibrator.

It may seem pricey at £71.99 but because it’s a toy which offers such a variety of experience it is something that I would happily pay for.

This is the start of a great new journey for me and the Swan Trumpeter, I can’t wait to see what else this product has in store. Don’t forget to check out the SeGzi website and pick up yours.


In a nutshell:

  • 10 inches long
  • 5.6 inch circumference
  • Perfect for solo play or foreplay
  • Body safe silicone
  • Dual motors with travel lock
  • Rechargeable – adapters provided for worldwide use
  • Easy to grip and manoeuvre
  • Multi-speed vibration
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Gift Box and Satin Pouch
  • Comes with full, easy to understand instructions
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 10 Year limited guarantee


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