Review of the Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser


Review of the Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser

Reviewed by Lady Spanky

Edited by Voluptasse

Another product from our budget range that I wanted to try out was the Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser which is £4.99 from the LoveHoney Website.

The Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser is a non-toxic, body safe silicone fingertip pleaser which fits over your finger and promises to deliver precise vibration stimulation to the clitoris or erogenous zones for up to 40 minutes.

The Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser arrives nicely packaged in a clear plastic box which is perfect for storage and simple lifts open. The silicone ring where your finger inserts is super stretchy and I’d say it would fit over most fingers very comfortably.

How does the Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser work?

The top of the Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser is curved into a soft C shape and contains raised stimulating nodules in a range of different shapes and sizes which are designed to caress and titillate the clitoris during masturbation, foreplay or during lovemaking.

To get started I added lashings of water-based lubricant and attempted to switch on the Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser. Perhaps I should have tried to switch it on first because it has the most annoying, fiddly switch I have ever encountered. It’s contained in the middle of the pleaser and is a small white stick that you push into the unit. Not easy when it’s slippery with lube!

Once we were up and running I was pleasantly surprised at how silent the pleaser was. It’s very discreet and I liked this immediately. Particularly living in a house with lots of small, nosy children who have a tendency to sleep lightly.

How powerful is the Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser?

I didn’t find Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser as powerful as a bullet or other clitoral stimulators but I certainly enjoyed using it. It was easy to manoeuvre the pleaser around to enjoy the different sensations and it was very enjoyable to use. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

I liked the versatility of the pleaser in that it can be used during foreplay too. Also, because it isn’t as powerful as other products, I know that I would prefer to use it with my partner as I like a nice easy build up before penetration.

I also tried the pleaser in the bath and found that it worked well whilst submerged in the water too. The Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser isn’t advertised as waterproof but it continued to work afterwards with no issues. After use, I washed it with soap and water and stored it back in the original packaging. The box is great for storage and because it is so small it can be placed neatly away out of sight.

My Thoughts on the Mini Vibrating Fingertip Pleaser

A good piece of kit and not a bad price £4.99 for up 40 minutes of play. Versatile enough to be used by happy singletons or during couples play. The switch can be tricky which lets it down slightly but it’s not a huge problem.


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  1. Great review hun! I’m always unsure of the cheaper toys out there but you’ve clearly shown that they’re still capable of giving satisfaction. Thanks for the great review! 🙂

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