Review of the Persian Palm Lulu


Review of the Persian Palm Lulu Classic Ceramic Dildo

Reviewed by Joy De Vivre

Edited by Voluptasse

The Persian Palm Lulu Classic was given to me free in return for an honest and impartial review of the product. For those interested in purchasing one of these unique hand painted ceramic dildo’s, they are available from the Persian Palm website and retail at €140.00.

First Impression of the Persian Palm Lulu Classic

The Persian Palm Lulu Classic is a luxury dildo and this is reflected in the price of the product. However, the luxury extends much further than the product itself. The dildo arrives packaged in discreet packaging and is encased in a box which resembles a very large book. Once the book is opened, a there is a discreet cutout in the centre of the book in which the dildo is discreetly encased. Not only does this keep the product safe during transit, but it’s very discreet too. The box also contains a satin storage pouch to keep your dildo clean and safe between uses.

The product itself feels quite weighty and is a phallic shaped product with a number of deep grooves along the body of the dildo. The surface is completely smooth and from my observations, completely free from imperfections. This is indeed a high quality product.

Customising the Persian Palm Lulu Classic

One of the things that makes Persian Palm stand out for their competitors is their ability to personalise their dildos. Each dildo is painted by hand and can be customised to add names, dates and even special designs – like the Voluptasse logo. When I initially saw the cost of the product, I thought it was very expensive. However, once you think about the time, work and detailing on each individual product, you do get a lot for your money.

Why choose a ceramic dildo?

Ceramic dildos are actually a great investment and will probably outlast most of the other toys in your sex toy collection because they are hardwearing and don’t degrade. The ceramic surface is non-porous, so fluids don’t penetrate the surface and the dildo is easier to keep clean between uses. The Persian Palm Lulu Classic is temperature responsive too, so if you run it under the warm tap it keeps the heat. Put it in a bucket of ice and the dildo stays cold, making it ideal for sensory play.

Ceramic dildos are very durable so there is no need to worry about safety – as long as it’s looked after! Between uses, it is important to store the Persian Palm Lulu Classic in the satin pouch to prevent it knocking again other surfaces, which may cause it to chip and degrade. Based on the high quality ceramic and the sturdy design of this product, I am confident that this dildo is built to last.

How big is the Persian Palm Lulu Classic?

The Persian Palm Lulu Classic measures:

Total length of                                   20cm

Insertable length of                         15cm

Smallest groove diameter            2.4cm

Largest groove diameter               3.4cm

Weight                                                 330 grams

My Review of the Persian Palm Lulu Classic

I always make the mistake of underestimating glass and ceramic dildos. I become so accustomed to power, functions and modes that going back to basics has become an alien concept. The deep grooves are designed for internal stimulation and intended for the G Spot. However, I found that this didn’t seem to work for me, which is quite normal for a G Spot toy as I much prefer clitoral stimulation. By changing things around slightly, the review quickly changed tack. With a small amount of lubricant applied, the grooves feel heavenly when grazed against the clitoris. By using the dildo in a way that worked for me, I was brought to a very fulfilling climax.

What made the Persian Palm Lulu Classic stand out for me in particular, was the great build up to orgasm. Unlike vibrating sex toys in which the orgasm is fast, intense and sometimes feels forced. The dildo delivers a natural build up, so when I did climax it felt incredible. Very impressive!

After use, the Persian Palm Lulu Classic was washed in soap and water and dried with a clean, soft towel. I deliberately waited some time to see whether the paintwork on the product would degrade, and even after 3 months of use the dildo looks as good as new.

Overall verdict on the Persian Palm Lulu Classic

The Persian Palm Lulu Classic is a great sex toy, but an expensive one so it’s more of an investment.  Overall, I am really impressed with the personal touch and the great quality of service. The Lulu is a great shape for clitoral, G Spot and anal stimulation and is very easy to keep clean between uses. With plainer ceramic dildos you can put them in the dishwasher. However, I prefer not to wash my dildo this way as I’d hate to lose my logo.



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