Review of the Pro Satisfyer 2


Review of the Pro Satisfyer 2

Reviewed by Lady Spanky

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It was Rhiannon from That’s the Spot who first drew my attention to the talents of the Pro Satisfyer 2 rechargeable vibrator. Her claims of ‘this is the best sex toy I’ve ever used’ quickly managed to draw an interested crowd at the ETO BlogSpot this year. Upon hearing that this amazing toy was available from the Carnal Collections stand, it wasn’t long before I raced over and managed to get my hands on my very own Pro Satisfyer 2 – it was certainly one of the perks of hosting the writers stand!

Comparing the Pro Satisfyer 2 with the Womanizer W500

The Pro Satisfyer 2 has been largely compared to the best-selling Womanizer W500. Both products work in a similar way, in that the clitoris is stimulated using touch free stimulation. However, the Pro Satisfyer 2 promised something a little different. Unlike the Womanizer W500, this vibrator is 100% waterproof, easier to use and simpler to take care of.

The Pro Satisfyer 2 is much lower in price too. Retailing at just £69.99 compared to the Womanizer W500 at £149.99. From someone who owns both vibrators, I really enjoyed using both of them but preferred the Pro Satisfyer 2. It gives the same great results, and has better features.

First impressions of the Pro Satisfyer 2

Make from ABS plastic, the Pro Satisfyer 2 is non-porous, body safe and completely water-proof. The silicone nozzle detaches from the unit, so it’s very easy to keep clean between uses. The Pro Satisfyer 2 measures around 3.5 inches and comes with a USB charger, so you can charge it from your laptop! The Pro Satisfyer 2 isn’t the prettiest sex toy I own, but the functions look interesting and the ergonomic design ensures that I can hold the sex toy easily during use.

Charging the Pro Satisfyer 2

To charge the Pro Satisfyer 2 for the first time, simply attach the magnetic charger to the base of the product and give it a really good charge overnight. After that, a 150 minute charge allows for 30 minutes of play. However, I feel as if I’ve had a much longer use out of it. For anyone who is as idiotic as I am and manages to lose the charger, I’ve found that the magnetic chargers from Fun Factory will also charge this sex toy. Phew!

During charging, the light on the back of the vibrator will flash. This is an indicator that the sex toy is charging correctly.

How to use the Pro Satisfyer 2

Using the Pro Satisfyer 2 is easy. Add a water-based lubricant to both your clitoris and the silicone nozzle. This helps to create a nice seal, prevents any uncomfortable friction. Place the nozzle over your clit and switch the vibrator on. The On/Off button is located underneath the function switch and is very easy to find during use. To switch through the modes, simply press the function button till you reach the perfect setting.  I prefer to start off on a lower intensity setting, and up the ante when things get moving.

My verdict on the Pro Satisfyer 2

I really enjoyed the time I spent reviewing the Pro Satisfyer 2. In fact, this review is the longest I have ever conducted, and that’s because I didn’t want to put the sex toy down. Rather than the standard dual stimulation, the Pro Satisfyer 2 works on the clitoris alone and it’s really powerful. During use, the suck does something phenomenal to my body and it can take just seconds to bring me to climax. Switching through the settings during use is also very easy. Because of the way this sex toy is designed, it’s very easy to hold during use and switching through modes really simple.

Saying that, this is a sex toy that requires a good degree of experimentation. Because I have such a sensitive clitoris (no joke, my nickname is sensi-clit amongst my industry friends) I can only place the Pro Satisfyer 2 in a certain area or I become uncomfortably sensitive before I orgasm. However, once I mastered the perfect spot, the orgasm is phenomenal!

During use, those who enjoy dual stimulation can add a pair of jiggle balls or a G Spot vibrator to stimulate those inner hotspots. The balls are a much easier combination to manage, but a G Spot vibrator gives the most intense results. When you climax, the muscles clamp around the vibe or balls to give a really deep inner massage. For those who enjoy experimenting in the bath or shower, the Pro Satisfyer 2 is completely water-proof and is a great addition to a relaxing bath. I prefer using the toy lying down because the results are so intense. For that reason, I haven’t tried it in the shower but if you have, I’d love to know what you thought.

My verdict on the Pro Satisfyer 2

The Pro Satisfyer 2 is a great sex toy and very high on my list of all time favourites. The results are really intense, it’s affordable and it doesn’t actually look like a conventional sex toy, so it’s actually quite discreet. Because the Pro Satisfyer 2 has a lot of power so the results are both intense and satisfying.

Where can I get the Pro Satisfyer 2?

The Pro Satisfyer 2 is available from LoveHoney and retails at just £69.99. Because of the silicone nozzle, I recommend using this vibrator with water-based lubricant, and keeping it in a handy storage pouch between uses.

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