Review of the Rocks Off Ruby Glow


Review of the Ruby Glow by Rocks Off

Reviewed by Lady Spanky

Edited by Voluptasse

The Ruby Glow was created by erotic writer Tabitha Rayne and is borne for those times when as an erotic writer, she needed to let of steam, but didn’t want to interrupt the flow of writing. Something which occasionally affects all erotic writers. What Tabitha was seeking, was a saddle shaped sex toy that she could rock against whilst writing, and from this, the Ruby Glow was born.

Where Can I Get The Ruby Glow?

The Ruby Glow is available from the Rocks Off website and retails at £39.99. However, the Ruby Glow was given to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the product.

My First Impression of the Ruby Glow

As with all Rocks Off products, the Ruby Glow arrives in a sleek black storage box with full instructions, including a diagram on the front of the box. Customers will also find details of a free collection of sexy short stories which can be downloaded with every purchase.

When I opened the box, the inner casing had even more information about the Ruby Glow and gave tips on how best to use the product, which I thought was great. The product itself, comprises of a contoured stimulator which measures just over 6 inches long and is made from soft, medical grade silicone.

The Ruby Glow is battery operated and contains 2 AAA batteries so you can start to play immediately.

How to set up the Ruby Glow

To set up the Ruby Glow, find a comfortable seat and open the battery compartment. Behind one of the batteries is a small white strip, pull the strip out and place the batteries back into the compartment is the corresponding order. The Ruby Glow is now ready for use.

How to use the Ruby Glow

The Ruby Glow is saddle shaped and is a non-penetrative sex toy which is designed to be used outside of the clothing. Saying that, the soft silicone is soft enough to be used on the skin, but I would recommend a water-based lubricant if this is the case.

To keep the Ruby Glow in place, you sit on the unit with the bumpy side resting on the clitoris and the smooth mound resting against the perineum. As the vibration titillates the hotspots, move and rock gently to ‘get yourself off’.


Switching the Ruby Glow On and Off

The Ruby Glow has two motors, one in the clitoral stimulator and another in the perineal mound. To switch on the Ruby Glow, locate the buttons by finding two raised spots at the front of the sex toy, just in front of the clitoral stimulator. Press the bottom button to activate the perineal mound and the top button to activate the clitoral stimulator.

To switch off the Ruby Glow, keep your fingers pressed onto the buttons until the unit switches off.

The Ruby Glow Functions

To scroll through the settings, simply press the required button until you reach the perfect setting. Because the motors work independently of each other, you can experience a deeper rumble in the vaginal mound and faster clitoral stimulation.

Because the Ruby Glow is multi-speed, it offers lots of variety and does require a degree of experimentation to find the perfect pleasure settings for you. Some days when I use the Ruby Glow, I much prefer a slow, pulsating titillation whist others I want the faster and more intense vibration.

One of the things that I love about the Ruby Glow is that there is plenty of variety to choose from.

My Review of the Ruby Glow

I must admit, I begged to review the Ruby Glow long before the sex toy was released because it looks absolutely fascinating. I have tried hands free sex toys before but nothing has ever wowed me before so I had to keep an open mind.

I was really impressed by the quality of the Ruby Glow and love that this sex toy has been created by an erotic writer. I set up the Ruby Glow so it was close to hand whilst writing erotica for another sex toy website. Before long, I found myself reaching for the Ruby Glow and placing it in prime position.

The Ruby Glow does need some manoeuvring to get it into the right position so a little practice is required. The first time I used the Ruby Glow, I was wearing a very tight pair of skinny jeans and I think they were a little too restrictive. After that, my normal attire of comfortable and airy trousers offered a far more effective experience.

Finding the settings during use is relatively easy because the buttons are slightly raised and stand out from the rest of the unit. This enabled me to move around the functions and increase/decrease vibration to my heart’s content. When using the Ruby Glow, I found that a rocking movement came naturally as my pleasure began to build. Therefore, during use you have full control of the sensations and can initiate your own orgasm. And so far, the Ruby Glow has never been disappointing!

Once I got my head around the different vibration modes, I found the Ruby Glow much easier to navigate. One thing that I would have liked, would be the function to turn both the motors on and off at the same time. Just in case I am ever interrupted, which does happen when you have a young family. As it stands, pressing each button individually to switch off the dual motors takes just a little bit too long, but that is just a minor complaint.

Overall, I absolutely adore the Ruby Glow. This isn’t just a sex toy for writers to use, this is a sex toy for those having a sexy Skype chat with a long distance lover, someone who struggles with low motility and for those who can’t use penetrative sex toys because of gynaecological issues such as vaginismus.

There are a lot of possibilities with this sex toy, except writing…. I have yet to write a complete sentence whilst using the Ruby Glow!



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