Review of the Dewci Box


Review of the Dewci Box

At the moment, there seems to be a number of new companies setting up an adult subscription box service. Although they are a novel idea, questions have been raised as to whether they work in real life. Do we need a brand new selection of sex toys every month, and in these tough economic times, is it a luxury that couples can afford?

Faced with stiff (oo-er) competition from similar ventures, an adult subscription box really needs to stand out from the crowd to keep customers coming back for more. The products have to be of great quality, they have to offer the right kind of variety and they have to suit the needs of the customer. After all, would you send a box suitable for a vanilla couple to someone who enjoys a BDSM lifestyle?

I received the Dewci Box for free, in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product and looked at it with interest. Would this be an adult subscription box that stood out for me, and would I be willing to pay for it in the future?

The Dewci Box

According to the website, the Dewci Box offers a collection of saucy treats, each hand-picked by the company and it’s delivered to your door every month. The reason behind this, is to explore new boundaries and regularly try a selection of products that you perhaps hadn’t considered before.

The Dewci Box costs £25 each month (this doesn’t include postage), and with each box promising to be worth at least £50, you get a saving of over £25 in every box.

The Dewci Box can be cancelled at any time too, so there are no binding contracts to worry about.

My Review of the Dewci Box

The Dewci Box arrived discreetly packed and once opened, was is a really stylish black box. The website promised high end products and luxury, so at this stage I really wasn’t disappointed. Once opened, I noticed that there were 2 cards in the box. The first was a general welcome to Dewci and the second contained a list of each product in the box, where it was sourced and the instructions for each item.

The cards also offer £5 off a subsequent Dewci Subscription box. This offer is valid until 26th October 2016, so there is plenty of time to redeem the token.

The Dewci Box contains:

  • Sexual vitality supplements
  • Massage, bath and body oil
  • Latex condoms
  • Vibrating bullet
  • Female wipes, arousal gel and lubricants
  • Mojito mix
  • Chocolate hearts

At first glance, I found that the products enclosed were light, fun and perfect for beginners. The selection of items were ideal for a weekend away, and not too intimidating for those hoping to add a little excitement to the bedroom.

The individual items in the Dewci Box

Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplements for Men

I’m usually quite sceptical of erection supplements and gave the Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplements to a male friend. He took them during a weekend away and absolutely loved them. He suffers from ‘brewers droop’ after a few drinks and often relies on Viagra. He found them fast acting, long lasting and with no unpleasant side effects. In his words, ‘these are so much better than viagra, where can I get them?’.

A surprise winner and a good choice of product.

Ayumi: Sensual massage, bath and body oil

This product smells lovely and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy after use. With a sensual massage offering the perfect start to a romantic evening in, this is another great product in the collection.

PlayBoy Condoms

With these condoms being latex, they aren’t suitable for all couples. I can’t find anywhere on the Dewci Box website where specific requirements like allergies can be added and this is slightly disappointing. On the plus side, adding condoms to the box is a great way to promote safe sex, but the inclusion of latex does need to be reconsidered.

LoveHoney Magic Bullet 10 Speed Vibrator

I’m a huge fan of bullet vibrator because they are fast acting and discreet, they are also incredibly versatile. This bullet offers something a little different from a standard vibrating bullet because it has a combination of 10 different settings and speeds to choose from. The bullet is also slightly longer than a bullet, so it’s ideal for stimulating the clitoris during foreplay.

I thought the bullet was a great addition to the Dewci Box, but I would have preferred something a little more imaginative. For a beginner it’s great, but I wonder whether something different could have been more thrilling?

Licx: Mix for Her

The sachets are the perfect accompaniment for travel because they are easy to dispose of and won’t take up a lot of space. The wipes left me feeling clean and fresh, without any side effects. The lubricants are both water-based, so suitable for most sex toys and gentle on the skin. They were slippery, long lasting and left no sticky residue on the skin.

The arousal gels gave a nice tingle to the nether regions, and again I suffered no side effects.

Funkin: Mojito Mixer

The mojito mixer was the item excited me because it was something a little outside of the box and gave this adult subscription box a touch of individuality. There was no alcohol in the mixer, so it was suitable for both drinkers and non-drinkers. I’m more of a vodka drinker, so perhaps a miniature Bacardi could have been added so you could mix it yourself? I wasn’t about to buy a bottle just for one mixer, so unless it’s your tipple you have to buy the alcohol to enjoy it.

My thoughts on the Dewci Box

Because the items in the box are a little generic and for those very new to sex toys, I found this adult subscription box a little bland for my liking. With a little work on the website, or with the option to include a little more information about your sexual wants and needs. The boxes could perhaps be tailored to suit individual couples and that would make the Dewci Box stand out for me.

With the contents of the next boxes unknown, I can’t say whether Dewci will up the ante a little but I really hope that they do. As it stands, this would make a nice gift for a middle aged couple hoping for a naughty weekend by the sea. But for me, I’d like something sexier and more thrilling.

What I’d like to see in the Dewci Box

  • Boxes that are tailored to suit same sex couples instead of just hetro-sexual.
  • Toys to spice up penetrative sex, vibrating cock rings ect
  • Jiggle balls and love eggs
  • Toys for him – these can be added to a dildo for masturbation
  • Light bondage toys – masks, ticklers, ties
  • Lingerie such as a body stocking
  • Dressing up outfits
  • Sexy games and tasks to complete
  • Beginners anal sex toys

I certainly don’t want to write the Dewci Box off, for £25 I thought it was really good value and the products were great quality. However, for a subscription box that I would be willing to pay for every month, I want something that I’m excited to open and containing products that offer something different.

A great start, and I’m interested to see what the future boxes hold for Dewci.

Where can I buy the Dewci Box?

Your Dewci Box can be ordered on the Dewci Box website. Simply fill out your personal details and set up a monthly payment. Your Dewci Box is delivered directly to your door!


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