Review of the Durex Bedroom Fireworks


Review of the Durex Bedroom Fireworks


Review of the Durex Bedroom Fireworks

For those who love Bonfire Night as much as I do, it’s finally possible to experience fireworks in the bedroom all year round. Treat yourself a glass of wine, lock the door and get ready for the sparks to fly.

The Durex Bedroom Fireworks Collection was sent to me by Durex for free in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product. For those who want to purchase this collection of saucy treats, you can pick yours up from the Durex website for just £17.99

First Impression of the Durex Bedroom Fireworks

The contents of the Durex Bedroom Fireworks

Once the discreet packaging was opened, the box contained a number of items:

  • A lovers cheque book
  • Naughty dice
  • Durex Play Tingle Lube
  • Durex Play Ultra Pleasure Ring

My first impression of the collection was I liked the selection of products. The Durex Bedroom Fireworks offers a selection which would appeal to both beginners and to those with more advanced sex toy experience, like me.

Review of the Durex Bedroom Fireworks

I couldn’t wait to get started with the Durex Bedroom Fireworks. Every item in the collection has been carefully considered, and would really spice things up in the bedroom for us.


The lovers cheques

The Lovers Cheques

The Lovers cheques comprise of 12 tear off slips, ten of which contain a promise. Two are left blank for you to add your own naughty task. As a foreplay aid, the cheques were great fun and easy to slip into my lovers wallet or pocket before he left for work. With a redemption deadline on the cheque, I found that it helped to build anticipation as he knew to expect something naughty before the cheque expired, just not when it would happen.

Some of the cheques didn’t really suit us a couple such as the naughty fun outside. This is pretty impossible with five children in tow and living in a busy residential area, but that’s where the blank cheques came in handy as we could write our own.

Durex Bedroom Fireworks

Naughty Dice

The naughty dice were hilarious and great after a glass of wine or two. At one point he had to massage my ear, which caused fits of giggles and much later, some very heavy petting. One dice contains a body part whilst the other has a task such a ‘lick’, ‘bite’ or ‘kiss’. When they dice are rolled together, they create a saucy task.

The naughty dice are great for those who are a little shy or just need a few ideas to spice up foreplay. As a married couple with children, it can be easy to let things slide. I thought that this was a nice, light hearted way to bring the fun back into the bedroom.

The Durex Tingle Lubricant

Durex Tingle Lubricant

The tingle lubricant is a condom friendly, water-based lubricant which tingles against your intimate parts when applied.

The lubricant was completely sealed and opens with a simple twist of the top. According to the packaging, the Durex Tingle Lubricant contains no irritants and is safe to use with all condoms. Also, because it’s water-based, the lubricant is also compatible with most silicone sex toys.

On my first application, I found the Durex Tingle Lubricant a little too strong and tingly and I didn’t particularly enjoy the sensation. It reminded me of a time when one of my children wiped toothpaste on the toilet paper, which I later unwittingly used. However, on my second attempt I applied a much smaller amount and found that it was actually quite pleasurable.

On my nipples, the lubricant was much milder and really caused my nipples to sing! When my lover blew on them gently, it felt great!

The Durex Ultra Pleasure Ring


The Durex Ultra Pleasure Ring was unlike any other cock ring I’ve seen in these kind of packs and much better than the cheap plastic rings. The pleasure ring promises 30 minutes of vibration in total and is reusable so it’s the perfect choice for those who prefer a sprint to climax rather than a marathon.

The cock ring is open ended so it stretches nicely to accommodate most size of girth. Just remember that the Durex Ultra Pleasure Ring is made from silicone so it requires a generous helping of water-based lubricant to prevent it from dragging painfully against the delicate skin.

To switch on the Durex Ultra Pleasure Ring. Simply press the large purple button in the centre of the vibrating unit to switch it on. Once pushed gently onto the base of the penis, the vibrating unit sits against the shaft to deliver dual stimulation to both partners.

For me, this is a great little cock ring. The textured vibration unit sits lengthways on the shaft instead of width ways so there is more chance of stimulating the clitoris. As I moved, the textured unit grazed my clit with a range of raised textures and combined this with a gentle vibration. In terms of power, this cock ring is not incredibly powerful but it does deliver some lovely sensation during penetrative sex.

After use, I simply rinsed off with my anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and put it back in the box until next time.


The Durex Bedroom Fireworks are a great way to add a little spice in the bedroom and at £17.99 this collection won’t break the bank. The products are light hearted, they are sexy and they injected a little extra passion into our evening.

For the price, I thought this was a great bargain and perfect for my Bonfire Night feature.

Where can I get the The Durex Bedroom Fireworks?

The Durex Bedroom Fireworks is available from Durex for just £17.99. For those who want fireworks all year round, pop it onto your Christmas list for some fun, festive sensations.

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