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For those seeking the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, the Fantasy Box offers the perfect solution. With a monthly subscription service which enables exploration to all different kinds of bedroom play, or a themed box of your choice. You’ll receive a selection of goodies tailored to suit the bedroom experience you desire.

I must admit, I like the sound of the Fantasy Box. As a sex toy reviewer I see a lot of different products but the Fantasy Box offers something unique in terms of service. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can sign up to a subscription which delivers a unique gift box to your front door whenever you choose. With prices promised to be lower than the retail price, bargains are guaranteed in addition to high quality products. Also, there is one aspect of the subscription that the Fantasy Box are very clear on, the subscriptions can be amended or cancelled whenever you like. The company are happy to work within your budget so that the boxes stay a fun treat, and don’t become a worry which you can afford.

I was sent the Classic Fantasy Box which retails at £49 per box for free in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product.

First Impression of the Fantasy Box

The Fantasy box arrived in plain and discreet packaging and comes inside a sturdy red storage case which is decorated with handcuffs, underwear and kissing lips. Despite my description of the décor, the box was decorated in an elegant and classy way so it looks expensive, I thought it was lovely. When opened, a black cover hides the treats contained inside.


What comes in a Classic Fantasy Box?

The classic fantasy box contains between 4-5 items each time. In this particular box, I received a luxury pheromone candle, a natural water-based lubricant, a sexy halter neck baby doll with a matching thong, a blindfold, a clitoral stimulator, a AAA battery, a survey to complete and some instructions to carry out when using the box

Review of the Classic Fantasy Box

The whole point of this particular Fantasy Box is to bring couples closer together by helping them to open up about their needs in the bedroom. The introductory card insists that you read the instructions first and encourages you to complete the sexy survey first and discuss the answers over dinner.

The questions centre around sexual desire, the things that turn you on and different aspects of the relationship that you require from your partner, such as public affection. The questions are non-threatening and have a great range of multiple choice answers, so it’s easier to answer them. After this, couples are encouraged to discuss the answers over dinner. Once you have discussed the answers, it’s time to choose a role. The more Dominant partner takes the role of the Leader, whilst the more submissive partner becomes the Follower. Take the card with your role on it and complete the series of tasks.

The Leader takes charge, whilst the Follower complies with their demands. The Leaders role card assists with different strategies and gives advice about setting up the play area and the products that you’ll be using. Once play is finished, the couple are advised to ‘debrief’ and discuss the experience, by giving feedback and relaxing together.

I really liked the props which were sent with the box because I found them diverse and non-threatening so they were great for beginners. The lingerie was pretty and because it’s a baby doll, it will flatter most figures. However, it shows off enough flesh to keep the husband happy so it was perfect for me with my post-baby body. The brand of the lingerie was Rene Rofe who are a great favourite of mine and produce a lot of really high quality lingerie. This wasn’t cheap lingerie and it showed.

The eye mask is a very basic eye mask and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It was comfortable and not too tight, my vision was impaired and the material soft. I was happy to wear this mask for a long period of time without any discomfort.

The Sliquid Organics Lubricant is a high quality water-based lubricant which uses natural ingredients and is free from irritants. The formula is hypoallergenic and safe to use with latex, rubber and most silicone sex toys.

First of all, the lubricant needs to be unsealed as it has a white seal under the cap for hygiene reasons. Once opened the lubricant is easy to pour out whilst the flip top lid ensures that there is no wasted product and it stays fresh. As a lubricant, the Sliquid Organics Lubricant is very impressive and lasts a long time. There was no sticky residue on my skin and it’s lovely and soft after use.

The Body Boudoir Pheromone Ambiance and Massage Candle was a lovely addition to the collection. The candle is made from soy so the ingredients are natural and kind to the skin so there should be no irritation. The candle itself comes in a tin which has a lid on it to keep the product fresh and contains a pouring spout for precise application. The instructions for use are placed at the bottom of the candle and can be read once the bottom label has been peeled off.

I love this candle, the scent is fresh and fruity and once the flame has been extinguished, the warm oil feels heavenly against the skin. I would recommend lighting this candle at least 45 minutes before play to give the scent plenty of time to infuse and to give you enough massage oil to play with. As a person with eczema and psoriasis, I was a little worried about how my skin would react with the oil but there was no irritation and my skin was left soft and moisturised. Another tip when experimenting with erotic massage, is to keep the room at a warm temperature so your partner doesn’t get cold.

When you want to take things up a notch, keep the Pipedream Le Reve Ribbed vibrator close to hand. This clitoral stimulator has 3 stimulation speeds and is crafted from ABS plastic so won’t break down after use, and it’s compatible with the Sliquid Organics Lubricant.

The Pipedream Le Reve Ribbed vibrator is slightly contoured so that it fits neatly into the female form and it has deep ribbing on the tip of the vibrator to stimulate the clitoris. The soft coating ensures that this vibrator is comfortable against the skin, whilst the compact size is travel friendly.

We couldn’t open the Pipedream Le Reve Ribbed vibrator at first, it looks like a standard screw top vibrator but it isn’t. After much deliberation, we discovered that this vibrator is opened with a half twist anti-clockwise, and then the top is pulled off. To close the vibrator, you need to line up the top with the vibrator, push it down and give a twist in a clockwise direction. This was really quite fiddly and caused me a lot of frustration.

Another issue we had, was that the Fantasy Box kindly provided one AAA battery for this vibrator. However, the Pipedream Le Reve Ribbed vibrator actually requires 2 AAA batteries. Luckily, I had a spare but I do recommend that you check before your evening so that you aren’t disappointed.

During use, the vibrator switches from low to high with the simple press of a button whist the vibration travels from the head, down to the base so you feel everything. The functions of the vibrator are a little basic, a lot of vibrators can be switched off quickly by holding down the power button. This is an invaluable function when you have kids who tend to burst suddenly into the bedroom in the middle of the night, like me. With this vibrator, you do need to scroll through the settings to switch it off.

The raised textures do give a pleasant sensation during use and offer a different aspect to clitoral stimulation. A gentle graze helps to get me in the mood whilst a firmer press when required gets an explosive result. However, this isn’t a toy which I would use with a partner. I prefer something like this as a standalone sex toy rather than a shared couples toy.

Overall, the Fantasy Box is a great idea and would make a lovely gift this Valentine’s Day. The Classic box contained a lovely assortment of products and I was really impressed with the variation and quality. Whereas I wouldn’t need a box every month, I think receiving something like this every now and again would make a lovely surprise and help us to focus on our relationship.

If I were to make any changes to the box that I received, I would look at adding something to encourage light teasing like a tickler or brush and I would swap the clitoral stimulator for a sex toy that was more couple friendly and universal. I liked the clitoral stimulator that was included, but I’d prefer a good quality cock and scrotum ring with a clitoral stimulator attached. This is something that we’d both enjoy.

Other than that, I have absolutely no complaints. It’s great!

Where can I buy the Fantasy Box?

You can buy your Classic Fantasy Box for £49 or upgrade to a Platinum Box for £109. For more information or to set up a subscription which suits your schedule. Take a look at the Fantasy Box Website.



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  1. Thanks Melissa for the great review! Loved the comments and feedback, we’ll definitely look into some of the ideas you had, and we’re so delighted you loved the box! We’d like to offer any of your customers a 10% discount with the code ‘ShareTheLove’ on any box subscriptions they purchase through the site!

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