Review of the Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush


 Review of the Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush

I am Mistress Velvet and I am going to review for you the most delicious body paint ever. I was absolutely delighted to be chosen to review for Voluptasse.

When I was sent a tube of Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush from Adored to review for the REVIEW IDOL COMPETITION. My first thoughts were ‘oh god this is going to taste horrible’ but I could not have been more wrong. Made in Belgium I must say that it is most certainly 150g of divine gooey chocolate body paint indeed.

Packed in a slim line tube with a flip cap it is perfect for handling and squeezing, I found you needed either a good grip or two hands to squeeze it though because it was not for coming out of the tube in a hurry.

How easy is the Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush to use?

The chocolate paint was easy to spread and smear across the skin and a whole lot of fun to do. Non sticky or greasy and smells as divine as it tastes, dissolves quickly on a warm tongue and very easy to clean off the skin (and bed sheets)

Coming complete with a brush, which was of a high quality, no bristles were shed when in use, it was easy to use, allowing you to be more creative with your body art and cleaned really well. The taste is amazing and to be honest I would not think twice about squirting it on my dessert, or being his dessert!

 My thoughts on the Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush

I highly recommend you give this a whirl, it is a whole lot of fun, messy granted but fun and you could use it for so many different aspects of your foreplay sessions… or to enhance his dessert.  Priced at £6.00 it will not break the bank for you to try something different and have a little fun.  The Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush offers 150g of pure chocolate decadence in my opinion and worth every penny. I would rate this product as a MUST BUY and recommend it to all of you.

The ingredients are all listed clearly on the packaging and the allergy information is also clearly stated. 

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  1. Judges Response –

    From the company perspective I really love this review. The pictures were eye catching and creative and told the story of the product beautifully. As a company I would have liked to see links back to the website where potential customers could view and purchase the body paint. But overall, I thought it was great.

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