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We all know how difficult it is to find a good Lubricant that is safe to use. Its not always enough to rely on a womans natural lubrication and a good Lubricant is an essential part of our sex lives. However, problems caused by the chemicals that are found in a lot of ‘safe’ lubes mean that finding a suitable product is never easy.

Give Lube are a lovely UK based company who promise a Premuim Water Based Lubricant which isnt just safe to use with Sex Toys and Condoms but also contains Aloe Vera (this has soothing properties) and Panthenol (which can help counteract bacteria).

Give Lube promise that their Premium Aqua Gel Lube is suitable for vaginal, anal, oral sex masturbation and massage. It contains no colours or scents and therefore will not cause any irritation to any ‘delicate’ area’s. It is also a CE Marked Lubricant which means that it meets the European Safety Regulations and is safe to use on your body.

The Give Lube Website itself contains lots of fun information and tips about how to properly use their Lubricants and also warns of the problems associated with Lubes that don’t use the same body safe products that are found in in the Give Lube Range.

I found the website easy to use and enjoyed reading the Sex Tips, I actually learned a few new tricks myself so the other half will be happy! They also have an Ethos that talks about the importance of giving and receiving in both the bedroom and relationships which i thought was nice – and very wise…

My Premium Aqua Gel arrived from the Give Lube office in a plain brown envelope so it was very discreet. The Aqua Gel is contained in a tough plastic tube that is sealed with a cellophane wrapper  that is very easy to tear off.

The flip top lid is easy to open and all that is needed to pour the lube out is a little shake of the bottle. It might have been a little easier with a squeezy bottle it is still very easy to use and i had no problems with usage.

I used the Aqua Gel on my partner first and warmed it up in my hands first to reduce any ‘shock sensations’. I found that it had a very slippery but silky feel and made it much easier to masturbate my partner because of the loss of friction that it provided. I was impressed by how long it lasted and so was my partner, we only needed to replenish once throughout the whole session and i also found that it encouraged us to concentrate more on foreplay (always a bonus!).

I must say that I am really pleased with the Aqua Gel as a product. I have always had very sensitive skin and are therefore quite nervous about using any potentially irritating products on myself but I suffered no after effects from using the Aqua Gel, i found that it lasted well and is very reasonably priced (£3.85 – £12.95).

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