Review of the Bella Louise Spanking Cane


Another Bella Louise Review…. Why the hell not!

Review of the Bella Louise Spanking Cane

In case you haven’t heard of Bella Louise, they are a newly established company based in the South East of the United Kingdom who are taking the BDSM Market by storm. With their unique collection of bespoke sex toys which can also be designed to fit discreetly around your home they promise to deliver a ‘product designed to attain to your every pleasure in a secure and professional manner.’

I have dealt with the lovely people at Bella Louise before and was over the moon to receive one of their Hand Crafted Spanking Canes in return for my honest review.

The Spanking Cane is available from the website and retails at a very pocket friendly £12.99. Delivery is also free in the mainland UK. The Spanking Cane, like all the bespoke products is hand crafted by Mark, the Bella Louise technician and finished in the very best Danish oil. This is so that liquids are not absorbed into the wood and won’t affect the appearance or the strength of the cane. This procedure also ensures that the cane lasts as long as possible.

The Cane also includes the Bella Louise logo on the handle. However, I am told that the Hand Crafted range can also be personalised so you can ask for something different if you’d prefer.

How was the Bella Louise Spanking Cane packaged?

The Cane arrived discreetly packaged in a large tubular box, It was individually wrapped in tissue paper and it was clear that real attention to detail had been paid to ensure that every aspect of the packaging was perfect. On first inspection, the Cane is incredibly sleek and is very well made. There are no lumps or bumps on the design and no sharp edges and the tip is nicely rounded off. There is also a brown leather strap on the end of the Cane to put around your wrist for safety reasons.

True to form, Mark has maintained his status as a perfectionist and the product is of extremely high quality, I simply cannot fault it.

How big is the Bella Louise Spanking Cane?

The dimensions of the Cane are approximately –

Length – 60 cm

Width – 2 cm

Depth – 1.4 cm

I was a little nervous about using a Spanking Cane as I have heard that they do sting quite a bit… obviously…  and I have never been a big fan of pain. However, I did surprise myself when I enjoyed experimenting with the Bella Louise Split Paddle so I threw caution to the wind and gave it a go.

Using the Bella Louise Spanking Cane

The Cane is very light to hold and fits easily into my hand, the wood isn’t slippery or too soft and therefore very easy to grip and keep hold of. I tried brandishing it in quite a few different positions and found no awkwardness in the positioning as it moves easily into position….

Can you tell I am putting off the inevitable…

The Bella Louise Spanking Cane is extremely aerodynamic and cuts the air nicely when swinging, I like the SWOOSHING of a good spanking product and find that it’s an important part of the experience for me. The cane doesn’t disappoint and is lovely and ‘swooshy’.

Okay, I have put it off for long enough lets get down to some spanking!

Spanking with the Bella Louise Spanking Cane

As I am such a softie when it comes to hard spanking I found that experimenting with the cane and using it for a more gentle form of spanking was more enjoyable for me. I got the experience of feeling naughty and experimenting with something new without doing something that I knew I wouldn’t really enjoy. Compared to using a paddle, I found that as the area of impact is much smaller the pain is much more contained and even with teasing taps it still stings like mad.

Much less force is required for me but if used to full capacity this Cane will provide maximum punishment. It really does hurt!

Does the Bella Louise Spanking Cane leave marks?

The Cane leave distinct red marks so I would only recommend using it on area’s that you don’t intend to show off for a few days as I was covered in red welts for an hour or so afterwards from just light (ish) tapping.


On the whole, the BellaLouise Spanking Cane is a really great product. Once again, I found that the time and care that has gone into creating this hand crafted Cane doesn’t only stop with the immaculate design and beautiful finish of the product. It is carried on throughout the whole experience with the Bella Louise company and they really are a pleasure to deal with.








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