Review of the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection


Review of the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

Fantasy by the Cara Sutra Collection

It was at the ETO Fair when I was handed the much sought after Fantasy by Cara Sutra by the lovely guys at the Cara Sutra Collection. The kit was free in return for an honest and unbiased review and also as part of a challenge by Cara Sutra herself. That is to broaden our sexual horizons and explore another dimension of our relationship, one that we’d normally refuted and that is Kink.

As complete beginners to bondage play, we meet the target audience and with our knowledge of sex toys it helped that we also knew a little about the products too. We just haven’t used them ourselves, it’s was a good experiment for us and I think you’ll find the results interesting.

The Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

The Fantasy Beginners Bondage Kit was designed by Cara herself, drawing upon years of experience in Bondage, Fetish and Adult Reviewing to find a comprehensive and versatile kit which contains everything the beginner needs to get started. The Kit comprises of an 8 piece collection including – Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, Collar and Attachable Leash, Blindfold, Breathable Ball Gag, Bondage Rope and Flogger.

The kit comes in two colours, Red or Black which are Cara’s signature colours. I prefer colourful sex toys so was given a vivid red kit to review. The kit is boxed in a lovely Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection Gift Box which also doubles up as a nice storage box. The packaging is strong, durable and contains a picture of the kit on the back.

At first glance I was impressed by the kit, it certainly was a vast collection and covered a lot of bases. It contains a great mix of soft bondage products like the Collar, Cuffs and Blindfold and combines them with the potential to indulge in something harder with the Leash, Rope, Gag and Flogger. The beauty of this kit is that is has such a great variety of products, you can pick and choose the items you use without spoiling the experience.

Our Experience with the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

As we are quite new to experimentation. We firstly decided that we needed to allocate the roles of Dominant and submissive. My partner and I famously lock horns over everything, we have massive power struggle issues and I just knew that we’d have difficulty allocating the role of submissive because we’d both want to be in control. Reluctantly, after much deliberation, I conceded the role of the ‘Boss’ to him. Just because this was something I wanted to try out and I thought that I’d probably be more open to new experiences then he was – Meow!

When we finally got down to examining the Fantasy by Cara Sutra collection we were both impressed with the quality of the products. The cuffs and collar were crafted using soft, red leather and had a faux fur lining on the inside. Each item was well made and adjustable by using the buckles and straps. I felt that this added authenticity to the kit and showed that the collection was of high quality. I’d advised giving the fur a quick brush down before use to get rid of any loose bits.

The Wrist and Ankle Cuffs in the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

After the preliminary examination it was time to get started on the kit. I decided to review each item separately as they all have such different qualities.

The wrist and ankle cuffs as said earlier as crafted in red leather and contain a faux fur lining on the inside of the cuffs. They contain studded detailing and fasten using a metal buckle so they can be adjusted to fit the wrist or ankles. They have a D loop ring on the side of each cuff where a chain is fastened to prevent the wearer from opening their arms and legs. However, this is removable so the cuffs can be merely decorative.

Our experience with the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

The cuffs were great to use and very comfortable to wear. The fur feels great against my skin and I was fully restrained when wearing them. From a beginner’s perspective, they are pretty much self-explanatory and bound my arms and legs together by the metal chain. They were strong and firm and despite my attempts to break out of them, they held fast.

My partner enjoyed my full submission and having me at the mercy of his trust. It was interesting to see how he behaved with me whilst immobile as I did feel quite vulnerable and strangely nervous. He spent some time teasing and playing before building the anticipation by adding the blindfold.

The Blindfold in the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

The blindfold is another self-explanatory product. The soft leather with fur backing slips easily over the face and is held in place by stretchy elastic. The supple leather bends easily around the face and holds out the light easily.

Our experience with the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

I always enjoy blindfold play, it heightens the sense and I enjoy the anticipation of waiting to see what will happen next. The blindfold was comfortable to wear and stayed exactly where I wanted it to. At this point I was bound, blindfolded and completely at the mercy of my ‘Dom’. It was so hard not being able to touch him, particularly as he made full use of the time by teasing me, knowing I couldn’t respond.

The Breathable Ball Gag in the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

The breathable ball gag fastens around the face using the adjustable red leather buckle strap. It’s prevents the wearer from crying out and adds to the feeling of helplessness. Normally worn by the sub, the ball gag is another illustration of the control the Dom has over the submissive.

Our experience with the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

I don’t have a lot of experience with gagging as I much prefer oral freedom. For me it’s a big part of foreplay and I hate having it taken away. I found the gag easy to wear and to adjust to my size, it fits comfortably and I like the fact that it has air holes which allowed me to breathe. My mouth felt wide open and very full during use and I certainly felt ‘gagged’ as the ball is very firm, preventing the mouth from closing. I prefer the air holes as I feel better when able to breath and thought that this was perfect for beginners due to the safety issues surrounding gags. It’s a great touch.

The Collar and Leash in the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

I was intrigued by the collar and leash, I liked the look of the collar and like the cuffs found that it was both well made and lined on the inside. I tried this separately from the other products because I thought I’d struggle to walk with the ankle cuffs on. Not good when you are the type of person who could break a leg in an empty room!  The collar fits comfortably around my neck and fastens easily without discomfort or making my neck too stiff.

The attachable leash fastens to the D ring on the front of the collar and is used to lead the submissive to a place of the Dominants choosing, it’s ultimate control.  Although the leash looks a little thin compared to the other products. It was firm and durable and held fast to the collar.

Our experience

Although I loved the look and feel of the collar, I hated being led around by my partner. In fact, we were a little unsure of what to do and how long you walk around for, it was like walking a dog around an empty room. In the end, we removed the leash but kept the collar on, I really liked it and it make me feel quite naughty… am I turning to Kink?

The Flogger in the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

The flogger was one of my favourite items and the one we played with quite a lot. The soft leather straps are perfect for light teasing, particularly whilst bound and delivered the occasional stinging thwack. The flogger I received is in red and black but from what I understand, the colour of the flogger will normally match the colour that you order.

The flogger has a firm, easy grip handle which is covered in soft leather. The non-slip detailing on the handle allows for long periods of play without losing grip and the large hoop at the top is great for hanging it up.

Our experience

We used the flogger extensively during our reviewing and it was a really good little flogger. We played around with light teasing all over the body, running the straps up and down whilst I was restrained and delivering a stinging slap every now and again. I didn’t find the slaps too uncomfortable and enjoyed the thrill of wondering what the next move will be.

The soft straps are great for beginners as they aren’t too rigid and help towards a build-up of pain tolerance without being too initially intense. As I was on the receiving end, I was incredibly grateful for this. I think we’ll certainly be doing more with the flogger, I liked it and thought that it was great for both beginners, and those hoping to take the transition into something harder.

The Rope in the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Collection

I can’t even write the words without getting excited! I loved the Rope. The rope is around half an inch thick, vibrant red and very, very long. Too long for my tape measure in fact! The ends of the rope are fastened neatly with tape so it has a lovely finish. The rope itself is braided and has a different core, this makes it easier to knot, slide and handle. Perfect for beginners. I also believe the outer braid to be nylon, another type of material which works well with beginners as it’s more comfortable against the skin.

Our experience

Because ropes are so versatile, I wanted to conduct some research so we used the rope to its full potential. The rope excited me more than anything because of its usage possibilities. It can be used as cuffs, flogger or even a harness.

For beginners, I’d recommend reading around the subject. We loved this article called Rope Bondage 101 from the Kink Friendly Organisation as this gave us some really good tips about rope safety and after care.

Our experience is based on our very early rope play. It’s very important to point out that there are so many aspects to rope play that it’s impossible to cover them in this review. The inclusion of the rope in the Fantasy Kit has given us a really good staple to work with and to build upon as our experimentation with kink grows.

First of all, there was a lot of research involved. As discussed above, there are safety concerns and there were discussions about what we wanted to experience with the rope. We looked at a few websites and found that this particular article called How to Tie Someone Up one was great for giving tips and information about knots and rope possibilities.

There are loads of websites on the internet which give ideas about knots, positions and rope play so we had plenty of options to try out. My partner was far better at the knots than I was and again, took the lead. We found it easier to use simple loops and knot fastenings as we concentrated on the positions. We can work on our knot practice as our experience builds.

We decided to practise with the western method of rope play as this seemed the easiest to start with. We preferred to stick with using the rope for restraint whilst we were getting used to it and the western rope play adopts this ethos more.

The simpler restraints were very easy to do and involved the tying of hands and feet, either alone or together. Again, we found that simple ‘looping round’ and fastening worked well for us and kept me restrained during play. It was at these points that we could introduce other items from the collection such as the Flogger, Blindfold or Gag.

Other basic positions such as the Hands Tied to Ankles were great for penetration rope play as it left the area exposed, but the full exposure left me feeling quite vulnerable – particularly when the blindfold was added! I’d be interested in adding a spreader bar in the future as we don’t have a headboard and I wanted to try out more open restraint using these fasteners but it’s something that we will build upon.

We definitely enjoyed playing with the rope and love how versatile it is. I laughed at the websites who said that you’d feel strange after use but using the rope does make me feel quite hot and a little out of sorts for a few minutes. Perhaps its all the peculiar positions the sub ends up in. We attempted a Hog Tie position, but found that this worked better for teasing than penetration – I’m not as flexible as I used to be.

I found the rope comfortable around my wrists and ankles and was left with no tell-tale marks. It works really well as a stand-alone product as well as part of a collection because it offers so much variety.

We also experimented with making our own toys with the rope and crafted a handy little flogger. It’s an item with so much potential and by far my favourite item in the kit.


Overall, the Fantasy – Beginners Bondage Kit by Cara Sutra is a great collection. Cara’s experience in the industry is evidenced by the variety of products and it’s clear that that a lot of thought has gone into the selection of items. It’s perfect for beginners and can be built upon as the users experience grows. The products we tried work together as stand-alone items or can be incorporated with other items at any time during play. Our review is a basic beginner’s one but I feel that this kit has a lot to offer in the long term. The products are beautiful in design and built to last. We’ll be using them for a long time!

A 10/10 for us


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