Review of the Pole Positions Duvet Set


Review of the Pole Positions Duvet Set

When you work long hours and you’re running around after the kids all day, falling into ‘parent sex’ mode is all too easy. For those who don’t know, parent sex is a quickie at the end of the day which feels more like a race to orgasm then actual sex – we’re all guilty of it at times, I do it myself!

When faced with a sexual rut or you’re just too tired to contemplate a new position, a little help can go a long way. Luckily, Simply Sutra sent me the perfect solution, the Pole Positions Duvet Set.

What is the Pole Positions Duvet Set?

The Pole Positions Duvet Set is a high quality poly cotton bed set which promises to add adventure into your sex life with a range of orgasmic sex positions. For a lazy lover (which I can be guilty of too), you don’t even have to think about it, the body positions are all set out on the duvet so you just have to get into place. For those who need a little more information, flip over the pillows for full instructions and a breakdown of each position.

The The Pole Positions Duvet Set was sent to me from Simply Sutra and retails at £29.99 was sent to me in return for an honest and unbiased review. The duvet set retails from the Simply Sutra website for £29.99 and fits a standard double bed.

First Impression of the Pole Positions Duvet Set

I was so excited about this duvet cover. Sexy bedding is always something I’m asked about at my sex toy parties and it made a really nice change from sex toy reviews. The only problem I had was my children, my bedroom is the hub of the house. We have one upstairs television and that’s in our room, so the kids spent a lot of time there in the evenings.

Luckily, we were given an opportunity to try out the duvet when a very kind relative offered to have the children for a few days to give us a break. The first thing I did was pull out the duvet and get it on the bed. There’ll be no rest for us, not with this bad boy anyway!

The duvet cover arrived from Simply Sutra very discreetly packaged in brown paper. The set is encased in standard duvet cover packaging and slips onto the bedding easily. As you can see from the pictures, there are body parts on the duvet which show you where to place your hands and feet, but there are no enclosed instructions as to who goes where (who is red and who is clear).

When I flipped over the pillows, I saw pictures and written instructions for every position. Unfortunately, the print on the pillows is quite difficult to read due to the font the manufacturers have used. However, the pictures are self-explanatory so it isn’t a huge issue, but it may be something that they want to look at in the future?

Pole Position Duvet Set Care Instructions

There were no care instructions contained within the packaging either. However, if you visit the Wild Duvet Company’s website, they do have the instructions available. For ease of reference, care of the duvet is as follows:

  • Machine washable at 40 degrees
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Iron on medium heat
  • Do not Dry Clean

Review of the Pole Positions Duvet Set

The Pole Positions Duvet Set is a lovely duvet set and feels incredibly soft and comfortable. I didn’t wasn’t to take it off the bed! The polycotton is soft, breathable and excellent quality. However, this duvet is something that I can only bring out as a treat due to the children.

For a couple, this duvet set is a lot of fun to play with and we enjoyed experimenting with it. The positions advertised are amongst my favourites and took me right back to the early days when you can’t keep your hands off each other. I love the picture instructions on the pillows, but the poor quality font does let the Pole Positions Duvet Set down a little.

From our ‘investigation’, we managed to work out that the red body parts symbolise the male and the clear body parts represent the female partner. However, there is no way that we can match the parts on the bed as they were so small! I think they are merely an indicator of body placement rather than a definitive guide.

The pillows are my favourite part of the set as they gave some great ideas and I love the pictures, but as discussed, the instructions aren’t clear enough so some users may struggle.

I noticed that the back of the duvet was complete bare and the pictures only on one side of the pillows, so after use I flipped the whole set over and visitors were none the wiser. I still couldn’t leave it on when the kids were at home, but it does mean that I could hide the set when I have unexpected guests.

My thoughts on the Pole Positions Duvet Set

The Pole Positions Duvet Set quality a lot of fun to play with and the quality of the fabric is excellent. I left it on the bed until the very last minute before the kids returned as I didn’t want to take it off! This duvet set would be a great gift for an adventurous couple, or something for those who want to mix things up a little in the bedroom. For us, it made things a little more exciting and encouraged me to try something a different instead of going with my old favourites.

The quality of the set is great for the price of £29.99 and, despite the poor font, the pictures and body positions are self-explanatory so it isn’t a huge issue. I also like the fact that this set can be flipped over for discreet storage between use.

Rather than relying on the website information, the manufacturers need to add clear instructions in the packaging to ensure that the Pole Positions Duvet Set is properly cared for and the consumer isn’t hunting for information, but other than that, I loved it.

UPDATE: I have been contacted by Simply Sutra who informed me that the instructions are included with every set. However, mine had been removed during a quality check before it was sent. 

Where can I get the Pole Positions Duvet Set?

The Pole Positions Duvet Set was sent to me from Simply Sutra and retails at £29.99

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