Review of the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg


Review of the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg

I was recently contacted by the lovely Amber at with regards to conducting a review for their website. With a great range of sex toys online, Sexcite have something for everyone to enjoy.  With a choice of any item from the site, I jumped at the chance to review the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg.  I’ve never reviewed an egg vibrator before and I really wanted something a little different.

The Shots Toys Vibrating Egg was sent to me by in return for a free and unbiased review of the product. The egg vibrator retails at £24.99 form their beautiful website and arrived discreetly packaged in plain paper. On their website, the product is known as the Remote Control Large Purple Vibrating Egg.

First Impression of the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg

The remote control egg is nicely packaged and has the full set of instructions and product information on the box. When you open the packaging you get the vibrating egg, a full set of batteries and a wireless remote control.

The remote has a range of 20 metres away which really excited me. I love the thought of adding some more adventure into our sex life, therefore I decided that we needed a night out at a lovely restaurant to try out this product. After all, it is in the name of research….

The length of the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg is just under 3 inches long and measures just under 4.5 inches in circumference, so it’s quite a compact sex toy. The plastic string at the base of the egg feels strong and sturdy so I know that the vibrator will be easy enough to remove.

The vibrating egg is made from ABS plastic so it’s completely body safe and won’t cause irritation during use. It also says that the bullet is waterproof, which makes an interesting concept…

Putting the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg together

Putting the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg together is really easy. Unscrew the bottom half of the egg and place the batteries into the relevant chamber before screwing it back together again. Simple!

Pairing the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg with the remote control

Pairing the egg with the remote control was also really easy, it pairs automatically so it’s totally fuss free. Press the ON/OFF button and then the arrow setting to choose your mode of vibration. When you’re finished, slide the protective cover over the remote so it won’t go off accidentally.

The Shots Toys Vibrating Egg Settings

The vibration settings are:

  1. Low
  2. Mid
  3. High
  4. Pulsing
  5. Long pulse, fast dashes
  6. Escalating
  7. Escalating pulse
  8. Intense pulsing, fast dashes
  9. Long vibration followed by a fast pulse
  10. Fast pulses followed by a long vibration

Review of the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg

Because of the tapered tip and smooth exterior, the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg is easy to insert and feels comfortable to wear. My pelvic muscles hold it firmly in place so there were no embarrassing slips during use. I couldn’t wait to give it a try during our big night out.

Once inside the restaurant, my husband takes the remote and switches on the egg. It roars into life, yes…. ROARS. The vibrating egg is very loud and I am very conscious of the noise as we move around the restaurant together.  If you imagine your Iphone ringing in your vagina, that’s how it felt and it made me feel very uncomfortable in public.

As I moved discreetly around the restaurant, the range of the remote was really impressive. I’ve heard that some vibrating eggs don’t work properly once inside the body, but the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg worked perfectly from across the room.

Once we’d conducting the initial review, I removed the egg and we continued the game when we left the restaurant. On the lowest setting, the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg is a lot quieter but if you want a discreet pulsation, forget it. This is a toy to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home.

I’d like to say that using the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg alone managed to bring me to orgasm. However, I found that clitoral stimulation combined with the internal vibration from the egg got the best results for me.

Instead of a discreet couple’s game, I would use this egg during foreplay or for experimenting with a combination of G Spot and clitoral pleasures. I was disappointed with its capacity as a discreet couples toy because it’s simply too loud and I found that off putting.

My thoughts on the Shots Toys Vibrating Egg

A wonderful idea in theory but it didn’t work well in practice for us. I much prefer to combine this egg with a vibrating bullet.

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