Review of the SportSheets Door Cuffs


Review of the SportSheets Door Cuffs

For those looking to spice things up in the bedroom, the Sportsheets Door Cuffs from Uberkinky promise to turn any door frame into an instant BDSM dungeon. Retailing at a very reasonable £18.99, these cuffs hang over your door so you can enjoy the BDSM experience without any permanent fixtures. If you’d like to pick up a set, head over to the Uberkinky website and take a look!

My house is ridiculously lacking in BDSM equipment, so the cuffs make a very welcome addition to my sex toy collection. The lovely guys over at Uberkinky sent this product to me in return for a free and unbiased review of the product.

First Impression of the SportSheets Door Cuffs

The cuffs arrived in plain packaging and bore no tell-tale marks, or the Uberkinky name on the packaging. Once opened, the cuffs were contained within a sturdy cardboard box which could also double up as a storage case between uses.

The packaging opens up to reveal two flexible cuffs which measure approximately 15 inches in total length. At the top of the flexible straps, you’ll find nickel free metal stoppers which are hung over the top of the door before it shuts.

The cuffs themselves are made from soft velboa fabric and have a Velcro fastening so they can be adjusted to fit most sizes.

How to use the SportSheets Door Cuffs

The Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs are really easy to use. The flexible straps are simply thrown over the top of the door before shutting it. Because of the metal stoppers, the cuffs are securely held in place whilst the submissive is slipped into the soft wrist cuffs.

For creating instant ankle restraints, slip the straps underneath the door before closing it and voila! You have an instant BDSM dungeon wall.

Review of the SportSheets Door Cuffs

As I said earlier, the Sportsheets Door Cuffs are really easy to use. When on my wrist, the cuffs are incredibly soft and wrap right around my skinny little wrist – seriously, it’s like the arm of a child! For those requiring a larger size of cuff, the wrist cuffs fit a circumference of approximately 46 inches at the largest point.

During the review, I found that the cuffs were simple, effective and got the job done. I was totally incapacitated and at the mercy of my partner. The straps were really strong and bore my weight easily so I was able to relax and enjoy the moment.


When giving the SportSheets Door Cuffs another try, this time for my You Tube video. I shut the door without thinking about how I was going to release myself from the wall. After a few minutes of being completely trapped, I realised that I was able to move the cuffs closer together, until I could tear open the Velcro strap (something to remember in the event of a crisis).

This was not my finest moment. However, my husband found it hilarious. After use, the cuffs left no tell-tale marks and simply rolled up until next time.

Overall thoughts on the SportSheets Door Cuffs,

Overall, I think the Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs are a great product and offer something cheap and versatile for couples hoping to spice things up in the bedroom. At £18.99 these cuffs are a great price and the quality is excellent. I felt comfortable, I felt safe and after getting stuck – I certainly secured.


These are a great set of cuffs, it’s a 10/10 from me

Where can I pick up a set of Sportsheets Door Cuffs?

The Door Cuffs are available from the UberKinky website for just £18.99.

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