The Lelo Pino


The Lelo Pino

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Today, I decided to Pimp My Cock with the Pino from the currently controversial brand Lelo. After making the unpopular decision to hire Charlie Sheen as the face of their Hex condom, Lelo caused uproar amongst industry writers and shoppers alike. With many choosing to boycott the brand, it was an interesting surprise when they offered me the Lelo Pino to Pimp My Cock with. The offer also gave me a little bit of a quandary. Could I put my personal discomfort aside for the sake of an informative feature?

After advising a blogger on another thread to focus on the products themselves, instead of their personal feelings I decided to do the same. After all, my role as a sex toy educator isn’t to convey my personal feelings, but to inform the consumer about the products themselves. Once armed with the information, they can make up their own minds.

The Lelo Pino

The Lelo Pino was bizarrely marketed as a Bankers sex toy and aimed solely at men. However, this cock ring is a couple’s sex toy, and it’s ideal for mutual stimulation during penetrative sex. During masturbation, this vibrating cock ring slides to the base of the shaft to keep the wearer harder for longer.  The Lelo Pino can be also combined with a dildo (like our George), for incredible dual stimulation.

The Lelo Pino is a rechargeable cock ring that has been crafted using body safe silicone, making it both long lasting and durable. Fully water proof; this cock ring warms gently in the bath or shower so it’s perfect for sensory play. The cock ring also comes in an attractive gift box, with matching cuff links so it makes a great present.

With 10 speeds of vibration to play with, the Lelo Pino offers a great variety to experiment with and a large clitoral stimulator, so it always hits the right spot. Because the clitoral stimulator is rather bulky, to works for those who normally struggle to hit the clitoris using smaller vibrating cock rings.

During use, I found that the vibration is nice and strong, so it does exactly what you need it to do.  The silicone is nice and stretchy, so it’s easy to slide on and off whilst still giving a nice firm grip. The shape of the Lelo Pino means that it can be worn in any sex position, so it offers a lot of choice as a product. As you can see, I spend some time experimenting with different positions and am happy to report that the cock ring was adept at seeking out the clitoris.

When used with the dildo, the Lelo Pino was easy to manoeuvre and simple to adjust during use. To change settings, simply press the button on the side of the vibrating unit. After use, the cock ring can be easily cleaned using soap and water before being placed back into the storage box.

Where can I buy the Lelo Pino?

The Lelo Pino is available from the Lelo and costs £130.00 with postage.


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  1. Yes, putting a vibrating penis ring on a dildo can be fun. But the “uproar” wasn’t about personal feelings – it was about how Lelo has chosen to perpetuate rape culture with their recent marketing, spokesperson choice, and just about everything related to that travesty of a condom, Hex. These are things that cause real harm to real people.

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