Review of the Lingox Triple Extreme


Review of the Lingox Triple Extreme

Reviewed by Martin

Edited by Voluptasse


I was sent the Lingox Triple Extreme from Net1on1 Wholesale for free, in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product. For those who want to purchase this unique male masturbator themselves, the Lingox Triple Extreme can be found at for just £39.99.

First impressions of the Lingox Triple Extreme

The Lingox Triple Extreme looks amazing and I was pretty excited to get going. I thought the packaging and contents looked really cool and because it was so different, we couldn’t wait to get it out and have a play. The handle has a spiral grip and is quite ergonomically designed so it is easy to keep hold of during use.

The casing looks and feels very solid and durable – so far so good …. The ‘mouth’…(The business end of the toy) uses a body-safe realskin technology, and even before lube is applied it feels pretty good to touch .

Lingox Triple Extreme

What I expected from the Lingox Triple Extreme

Before I tried the toy I was expecting it to be nothing like, or maybe the next best thing to a decent blowjob.

Oh How wrong I was ….

I quickly became hard, with the assistance of my partner who kindly squeezed a generous helping of water-based lube into the mouth of the Lingox Triple Extreme. Slowly, I placed the lips over the end of my cock and edged it over and down my shaft. It felt a little tight at first, but before long the toy was comfortably taking the full length of my penis (which is larger than average).

It felt much better than I anticipated, and can only described as an amazing deepthroat  blowjob (something I’ve experienced only a few times and a fantasy of mine). Each time the full length of my penis reached the base of the Lingox Triple Extreme, the tongue give my balls a soft lick, which felt amazing!  Taking the toy from my partner, I positioned it so I was deep inside the toy and moved it so the tongue swept right across my balls. It felt incredible.

I  decided to put a favourite porn video of mine of a messy deepthroat clip to add some visual stimulation to the experience. I can honestly say that it wasn’t difficult to imagine I was getting the real thing. When I climaxed, it was much more intense than usual and I put this down to the deep textures within the toy.

Lingox Triple Extreme

Cleaning the Lingox Triple Extreme

It was very easy to clean and comes with a safe cap which helps it be more discreet when stored away.

My thoughts on the Lingox Triple Extreme

A very pleasurable sex which I’ve used alone, as well as with my partner. The Lingox Triple Extreme is a fantastic male sex toy and I would recommend to anyone.

It’s a 10/10 from me!

Where can I buy the Lingox Triple Extreme?

Find the at for just £39.99. They have a special offer at the moment which gives a whopping 20% off your first order.

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