Review of the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring


Review of the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring

Reviewed by Christina

Edited by Voluptasse

On my mission to find a toy which is perfect for couples and doesn’t hit too hard on the pocket I came across the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring. This was offered to me for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Costing only £9.99 from AmazingO, it looked like a decently priced product and something that my very sceptical husband would enjoy too.

What comes with the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring?

The Rocks Off 8 Ball Cockring came discreetly packaged and beautifully arranged in a gift box. Contained within the box was a Satin storage pouch and small booklet detailing all the different Rocks Off products but no instructions for use which could be a problem for beginners.

As you can see, the cock ring itself is shaped like a figure of 8 and is make from soft, silky silicone. The material is thick and strong and would stretch to fit most size of penis.

How does the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring work?

To get started, I applied lashings of lubricant to both my partner and the ring so the material didn’t drag the delicate skin. The larger ring at the bottom slips over your partner’s scrotum and with some gentle manoeuvring your partners penis slips through the smaller ring at the top of the figure 8.

What does the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring do? 

The smaller cock ring around your partner’s penis will feel quite tight and snug, this is normal. The aim of the cock ring is to gently trap the blood in the penis and prevent it from flowing out again so that he benefits from a bigger, longer and stronger erection. It is perfectly safe but it is not recommended to use a cock ring for over 40 minutes.

The benefits of wearing the larger scrotum ring at the bottom of the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cockring include more intense orgasms for your partner. For example, as an orgasm approaches the testicles retract towards the body. However, by wearing the Rocks Off 8 Ball Ring your partner is preventing his testicles from fully retracting towards his body which delays and prolongs his orgasm so it is more powerful and intense.

My Review of the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring

The cock ring felt tight and snug as expected and my partner’s erection which has always been perfectly acceptable was HUGE. It was bigger than I’d ever seen it and it felt wonderful. Sexually, we lasted for far longer than we ever had before and this made us much more adventurous in the positions that we tried.

Quite honestly, from using using the Rocks Off 8 Ball Ring we both experienced multiple orgasms. I’ve never had one before and I had heard that multiple orgasms were possible for men but it isn’t something that I’d experienced personally before (apart from the Fifty Shades of Grey books where Christian Grey seemed to have a magic ‘ever erect’ penis).

After ejaculation, because the Rocks Off 8 Ball Ring allowed him to keep him erection he found it easy to carry on until a second orgasm ensured. I was really impressed and my partner who is very sceptical about sex toys absolutely loved it too.

Taking care of the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring

After use, the Rocks Off 8 Ball Ring simply springs back into perfect shape and can be cleaned easily with soap and water. It stores discreetly away in the satin pouch and because there are no batteries it can be used time and time again. Which I can safely say that it will be!

I’d recommend the Rocks Off 8 Ball Ring for both masturbation or couples play and particularly to anyone who is having difficulty maintaining an erection. If you want to increase the duration of your lovemaking this is the product for you too. We simply wanted to spice things up in the bedroom and the Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock Ring did exactly what we were hoping for.

It was fun, cheap and effective and we were so impressed with it.

Our score for the Rocks Off 8 Ball a well-earned 10/10


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