Review of the SeGzi Stroker


Review of the SeGzi Stroker

Reviewed by Anon

Edited by Voluptasse

I was delighted to be contacted by the lovely staff at SeGzi and asked to review their brand new male sex toy, the SeGzi Stroker in return for an honest and unbiased review. Now, as I lack the anatomy required for a penis stroker the onus fell on my team of male reviewers to dish the dirt on this brand new stroking delight.

My first impressions when I received the discreet brown envelope was that the SeGzi Stroker looked like a large utility flashlight. Very similar to the world famous Fleshlight penis strokers but at £39.99 it’s a fraction of the price.

The box itself is plain and white with a picture of a semi naked Karla Karter on the front. Karla Karter is the ‘girl next door, with a wild side’ and this buxom beauty boasts all the right assets to spark the imagination of the user. My review partner’s interest was certainly piqued by this little sexpot.

Features of the SeGzi Stroker

The SeGzi Stroker itself measures around 10 inches long and 4 inches wide. Remove the lid from the easy grip base and you’ll see a soft rubber replica of Karla Karter’s vagina. You can actually see every crease and fold, it’s fascinating! Whilst playing around with the Stroker, I inserted my fingers and could feel that the cavity was tight but did yield to the girth of my fingers.


The inner chamber was covered in lots of soft, flexible nodules. As I played with the Stroker I felt gripped at the penetration point but stroked along the length on my fingers by the stimulating inner chamber. By twisting the end of the SeGzi Stroker, I experienced the feeling of suction for myself and increased or decreased easily with a simple twist.

Before I reluctantly handed the stroker over to my reviewer we were advised to remove the inner sleeve and rinse it with warm water. The sleeve came out with a firm pull and rinsed easily under the tap. After an hour of air drying out of the discreet flashlight case, the stroker was finally ready for the long awaited review.

Because of the soft inner sleeve, I’d recommend using a water-based lubricant whilst using the SeGzi Stroker. We used the GiveLube Aqua Lubricant and found that a generous amount was required to assist penetration and to make the most out of the experience. My reviewer found the stroker easy to penetrate and felt very firmly gripped by the stroker during use. If anything, it was a little tight at the beginning but he soon became accustomed to it.

The soft nodules encompassed the full length of his penis meaning that the stimulating massage surrounded the length of the shaft and also the tip. He played around with the suction and found that a slow build-up of intensity worked best for him, increasing as his excitement began to build. It was very clear how much he enjoyed it!

As a foreplay aid, it was a little tricky to make the SeGzi Stroker a fun and sexy toy. I prefer to watch rather than try to manoeuvre the unit into a position and ‘plunge’. However, it’s great to see a partner receiving so much pleasure, particularly at such a great price.

Cleaning the SeGzi Stroker

After use, the inner sleeve is simply rinsed off and left to dry naturally. We also have a little tip for those hoping to make the most out of their strokers. Once the inner sleeve is dry, sprinkle some cornflower onto the sleeve to stop it from becoming tacky in future, it’s a great way to make the SeGzi Stroker retain its soft and supple exterior.

Once dried, the inner sleeve pops back into the unit and the cap is replaced. Because of the discreet shape, the SegZi Stroker stays neatly out of sight. We put ours on a shelf for a week without any visitors raising an eyebrow so it’s ideal for those who require discretion.

Overall, this is a great product at the remarkable price of £39.99. I’ve had experience with similar toys which are double the price and found that the SeGzi Stroker works just as well. This kind of sleeve is ideal for men who are looking to practise their technique, prolong orgasm or just simply want to enjoy masturbation with a touch of variety.

I thought the inclusion of a sachet of lubrication might be a great touch in the future, particularly if the buyer is a first time user but that was the only suggestion I could make to improve the experience.

The SeGzi Stroker is available from the SeGzi website for the bargain price of £39.99 and is also included in the 3 for 2 offer. Buy 3 SeGzi branded items and get one free, brilliant!





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