Review of the Spherespecs


Review of the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset

Reviewed by Anon

Edited by Voluptasse

When I saw the Spherespecs featured in ETO Magazine, I contacted the Spherespecs company immediately and begged for the chance to review this Virtual Reality headset. The amount of content on the internet that can be enjoyed with a Virtual Reality headset is growing every day, so this was a great opportunity to enjoy my favourite films in 3D.

The Spherespecs Virtual Reality headset was sent to me for free, in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product.

Where Can I buy the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset?

The Spherespecs Virtual Reality headset is currently being launched in the UK by adult distributers Eropartner Distribution. They currently retail at €34.95 in Europe and will be available from the AmazingO website very soon. With other UK retailers about to snap them up, I’ll keep you informed as soon as this product is up for grabs.

What kind of phones are compatible with the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset?

The Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset is compatible with most 4.7 – 6 inch smartphones. The length of the phone must be less than 154mm and the width of the phone less than 82mm. The quality of your phone also affects the quality of the picture, so bear this in mind. I have the IPhone 6 plus and found that the picture quality was great.

How to use the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset?

Using the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset is actually quite simple, even for a person who struggles with technology like me. I used the headset with my IPhone 6 plus and found that it fits perfectly but I had to take the case off my phone every time, as it was a tight squeeze. For a normal size IPhone or smartphone, this won’t be an issue. The phone is placed at the front of the headset, with the screen facing inwards towards the eyes.

As you can see in the picture below, the screen splits into two and this is what gives the 3D effect. You can see the girl standing at the bar, but you can also see the body of the male in front of you. The body is positioned as if it is your body, you get the same view of the girl during sex that you would if this was your point of view.

Finding Apps for the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset

When visiting the Spherespecs website, there is a section of the website where you can download relevant apps, games and movies according to your age range and requirements. Naturally, I went straight to the over 18 section. I’d recommend that you search on your phone rather than a PC, simply because you need the content on your phone to watch it. With a lot of films available for the price of £2-3, it isn’t cheap but I imagine there are other deals and websites that you can use, it just needs a little more investigation.

Saying that, you can watch a 30 second trailer of each film and they are all pretty raunchy. I was able to watch pornography from both the female and male point of view and in 3D, it was incredible!

My Review of the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset

I was really impressed with the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset. For just €34.95, porn was elevated to a whole new level. I found the glasses easy to use, the instructions simple to follow and the picture quality was great.

Because my phone is bigger, I had no issues lining it up with the headset to get the 3D effect. However, I do worry that those with a smaller phone might not find it as easy. If the phone isn’t lined up properly, you won’t enjoy the same effect.

Although it is expected that you can look around the room with Virtual Reality Headsets, I found that the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset was more of a point of view headset. I could watch what was on the screen as if I was the person who was having sex, and it was very realistic.

The Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset would work really well with a Fleshlight or realistic masturbation sleeve as you are able to mirror the movement on screen as you play. This creates a better sensory experiences because it’s more interactive. For women, there is pornography available that can be enjoyed from the female point of view, with your hands free to reach for your favourite vibrator of course!

Overall, the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset is a basic model, but I really enjoyed experimenting with this headset and there are some great apps to play with. For younger users, there are games and videos to look at, whilst a great selection of scenic videos and experiences will keep you more than entertained. The price is great and the experience was a novelty for me. Virtual Reality is something which is going to get bigger and bigger, so I’m looking forward to more apps and more variety!

Pros and Cons of the Spherespecs Virtual Reality Headset


  • Easy to use
  • Hands free to masturbate
  • It’s cheap!
  • Gives a whole new dimension to porn
  • Lots of other games and features, so it’s very discreet
  • Works with your smartphone


  • DANGER WANKING! With your eyes covered, how will you know if someone enters the room?
  • I was expecting to be able to look up and down the room, but the features are basic.
  • You phone must be lined up to work with the headset, so not great for smaller phones.
  • You have to pay for a lot of the porn. However, you can watch the trailers.

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