Review of the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking


Review of the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking

When Horny Geek Girl and I saw the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking being modelled by a lovely young girl at the ETO Show this year, our jaws dropped. It was gorgeous! After a few minutes admiration, I was waylaid with an enquiry when Horny Geek dashed over waving a pretty pink box. She’s only gone and got it for me to review! Whoop!

The lovely gentleman at Music Legs gave me the Music Legs Floral Lace Bodice for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the product. For those who want to purchase the item, it can be found at

I couldn’t wait to get it home.

First Impression of the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking

The packaging of the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking is standard cardboard packaging with a picture of a very attractive young woman on the front wearing the outfit. But it’s alright, I’m sure I’ll look just like her when I put it on….. (I bet she doesn’t have 5 kids and a flat chest, is what I really thought)

Contrary to what people like to believe, I don’t sit around in lingerie all day brandishing sex toys, some days I’m lucky if I drag a brush through my hair. Having to actually get up and beautify myself made a lovely change and I enjoyed that part of the process. I was also planning to send some naughty pictures to the husband so it was important to me to look the part.

The stocking itself is made from Nylon (so avoid flames) and Spandex so it’s really stretchy. Because the material is thick, it will stay nice and black during wear instead of fading away to nothing which does happen with cheaper body stockings.

One the box it says that this body stocking is suitable for 5”-5’10 and 7st to 12.5st. From my experience it’s a standard ONE SIZE garment so I would recommend it for sizes 16 and under.

However, for those who do require bigger sizes, there is a lovely Plus Size range on the Music Legs website.

Review of the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking

This stocking was the second piece of lingerie I’ve reviewed today but it was my favourite by far. The material is super soft and glides easily against my skin. Navigating the slashed thigh was a little tricky at first but I soon had everything in place with a little patience. I felt it only appropriate to remain in my underwear whist conducting the review, for the sake of the pictures but this crotchless number is meant to be worn with nothing underneath.

This body stocking leaves nothing to the imagination, it clings to every curve and highlights every lump and bump of a Mother with five kids, but I still feel amazing! Because the floral bodice uses a thicker material, I don’t feel completely exposed and any unflattering areas are completely hidden. The floral pattern gives enough of a glimpse to excite your lover but covers the wobbly fat and stretch marks that I often try to hide.

The stocking effect legs look very sexy and complimented my 35” legs without distorting the shape of the tights which often happens because of my height. The packet says that these tights are suitable for height of up to 5” 10, but I’m 5”9 and there was still a lot of room for movement.

Because the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking is made from high quality material, after use it pings straight back into shape and can be placed back into the storage box until next time.

My Thoughts on the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking

This is a beautiful stocking and I felt amazing with it on.  The quality is excellent and the pattern is unique and pretty. It was disappointing to discover that the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking isn’t more readily available in the UK as I really struggled to locate this particular item online. However, I do have the details of the gentleman who gave it to me so I’m sure I could ask him to send some over if anyone is interested in purchasing one.

As a garment it gave me a lot of confidence and despite the revealing nature of a body stocking, I felt covered enough that I wasn’t uncomfortably exposed, until I was ready anyway…

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Music Legs Floral Lace Body Stocking. It’s absolutely beautiful and has reignited my love of lingerie.

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  1. This stocking sounds fab and has given me a peek into the body stocking world so to speak.
    It’s definitely something I will look into buying once I’ve lost the baby weight gain!

    Fantastic review and thank you ☺

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