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Remote Control Love Panty Set

Review of the Remote Control Vibrating Panties

For those who haven’t visited the Simply Sutra website. They are a UK based website who have a huge range of adult novelties, sex toys and lingerie for you to pick up (like the Remote Control Love Panty). With free delivery on orders over £20 and impeccable service, Simply Sutra are fast becoming a leading member of the adult retail industry.

I was thrilled when they got in touch with me and gave me the opportunity to review any item of my choice from their vast website. I must admit, it took a long time for me to choose. After a recent run of poor sex toy choices (or poor products?), it was difficult to choose something that would bring the curl back into my toes.

As I’m always on the lookout for something fast, easy and convenient, I chose the Remote Control Love Panty which retails from the Simply Sutra website for £24.99. This product was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Where can I get the Remote Control Love Panty?

You can pick up the Remote Control Love Panty from the Simply Sutra website for £24.99 and as this product is over £20, you won’t have to pay for delivery.

First impressions of the Remote Control Love Panty

The Remote Control Love Panty arrived from Simply Sutra in plain and discreet packaging. There were no tell-tale markings on the paperwork and the whole process was very discreet. The vibrating panties arrived in a lovely purple storage box which contained lots of phrases in broken English. My favourite was ‘When your panty in vibration, what can you do?’ or the phrase ‘stimulating the piquant spots’ which meant the clitoris.

Inside the box was a plastic sleeve containing the vibrating panties, remote control, vibrating bullet and two sets of batteries. Two AAA batteries for the bullet and one N battery for the remote control. For anyone struggling to purchase N batteries for bullets for sex toys, they are available from a lot of pound shops and bargain stores.

The Remote Control Love Panty itself is made from waterproof fabric and has a soft inner lining for comfort. Encased inside the thong is a hidden pouch in which you slip the bullet vibrator during use. On the outer edge of the panty is an elasticated strap which forms the thong part of the underwear and holds the remote control panties in place.

Cleaning the Remote Control Love Panty

To clean the vibrating panties, simply wipe clean with your standard anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. Despite the waterproof exterior, the bullet and remote control are not waterproof so please do not put them in water.

Pairing the Remote Control Love Panty with the remote

Pairing the remote control with the bullet vibrator was really easy. After putting the batteries in both items, press the button on the remote and it automatically pairs for you. If you find that the Remote Control Love Panty isn’t working, check that you’ve put the batteries in properly.

Review of the Remote Control Love Panty

I spent quite a lot of time reviewing these vibrating panties, sometimes on my own and others with a partner as I wanted to experience different kinds of play with the product. Plus, it’s always fun to get someone else involved in the reviewing process.

The vibrating thong itself isn’t the most comfortable item of clothing. In fact, you need to put the panties on at a certain angle to ensure that the bullet reaches the clitoris. Once the panties are on, the elastic holds them in place but feels a little tight against the body. I have quite a slim build so I am not sure how these panties will fare with a curvier figure. I found that the panties have a reasonable range and although we haven’t experimented with distance, my partner can activate the vibrating bullet from a different floor the opposite side of the house. Which led to a fun of fun indoors….

The problem that I did have with these vibrating knickers was that there wasn’t enough power in the vibration. The Remote Control Love Panty isn’t a particularly loud sex toy and I found it very discreet to use in public. However, this is because the vibration isn’t particularly strong in the first place. During use, I found that I could comfortably move around without raising suspicion, or feeling uncomfortable about a tell-tale racket in my knickers so it worked well for titillation during a romantic meal or light teasing as a couple. But when I was alone and I wanted something which packed a punch, the Remote Control Love Panty simply wasn’t enough for me.


The Remote Control Love Panty is great for spicing up couples play, and at £24.99 I thought it was a real bargain. The vibrating panties are easy to set up and even easier to use, whether its alone or with a partner. The vibration itself was lovely and quiet but as a standalone sex toy, I do need something stronger.

Overall, a great buy.

Where can I buy the Remote Control Love Panty?

The Remote Control Love Panty is available from the Simply Sutra website for £24.99.


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