Review of the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue


Review of the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue

I’ve been speaking to the guys over at Bondage Bunnies on Twitter for some time now, so I was thrilled when they asked me to choose a product from their website to review. After a disappointing run of sex toys, I was eager to try something completely different, and it was nice to have the freedom to choose my own.

When my eyes rested on the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue, I knew that this was the product that I wanted to review. This sex toy is a tongue vibrator which promises sucking lips, a vibrating tongue and a sturdy suction cup which is mounted on any smooth surface.

I was sold!

The Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue is available from the Bondage Bunnies website and retails at £28.50. However, this product was given to me free of charge in return for an honest and unbiased review of the item.


First Impression of the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue

The service at Bondage Bunnies was professional, discreet and very quick. When the brown package arrived, I noticed that there was no tell-tale address or markings on the paper, which is always a great start to the review.

Once opened, the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue was contained in a small storage box with a picture of Gina Lynn on the front of the box. According to the box, this tongue vibrator has been personally tested and endorsed by the infamous porn star.

The back of the box contains basic instructions about the features of the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue and reminds you to pick up 2 AA batteries, as there are none in the box. Luckily, Bondage Bunnies had thoughtfully provided them for me so that wasn’t a problem.

How the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue works

It was really easy to put the batteries into the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue, the process is exactly the same as any other product. To start the vibration, you simply roll the dial at the side of the remote control. Once switched on, the thick tongue purrs into life and promises to deliver those all-important sensations when placed against the clitoris.

When placed over the vulva and the soft bulb pumped using your hands, the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue recreates the sucking of soft lips whilst the vibrating tongue brings you to climax. The suction base enables you to stick the suction tongue to any smooth surface, so you can keep your hands free to pump the hand pump and explore the rest of your body.

Sounds easy enough….

My Review of the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue

When using any kind of pussy pump, it is important to use plenty of lubricant on your vagina and on the pump itself, this creates a seal and increases sensation. However, despite a similar appearance, the aim of the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue isn’t to plump the labia, it is simply to give a pleasurable sucking sensation during use.

Unfortunately, the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue is a product which fell flat for me. Rather than whipping me into an orgasmic frenzy, the lacklustre suckle and half-hearted vibration left my vagina feeling rather bored.

The toy, which started off with so much promise was a poor fit for my body and was simply unable to stimulate any part of me at all. To experience the (very weak) suction, the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue had to be held in place. However, the only place in which I could actually get an airtight seal to recreate the suction was nowhere near my clitoris, which rendered the vibrating tongue useless. In other words, rather than experiencing both sensations at the same time I had to choose one or the other. Unfortunately, neither sensation on their own was enough to bring me to a climax.

Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue


I would like to stress that the service and professionalism that I received from Bondage Bunnies throughout the review was impeccable and this review is not a reflection on their company at all. The Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue is simply a product that did not work for me, the sucking lips are too close together and the vibrating tongue just doesn’t hit the spot. Had I paid £28.50 for this product, I would be sorely disappointed.

For those interested in giving the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue a try. It’s available on the Bondage Bunnies website for £28.50. However, I’d advise checking out their extensive range of sex toys for something a little more universal.


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