Review of the Duo Balls


Review of the Duo Balls

The Duo Balls are weighted balls which are connected using a large, thick plastic string which are inserted in the vagina and are designed to jiggle when you walk around and stimulate the inner walls of the vagina and create feelings of intense pleasure.

Duo Balls come in simple plastic packaging and have very little information about the actual use of the balls. From my experience, I know you must wash the balls carefully with soap and water and that you apply a small amount of lubricant. The balls are inserted into the vagina or anal passage if that’s your preference, meaning that they are a unisex product too.

Once inserted, the pelvic muscles naturally clench around the duo balls and will hold them in place whilst you carry out day to day tasks like shopping or housework. Not only should you receive stimulation from the balls, but they provide an excellent workout for your pelvic muscles too.

The science behind Duo Balls

The pelvic floor muscles are super important because strong pelvic floor muscles give us control over the bladder, bowel and our sexual pleasure. Weakened pelvic floor muscles mean the internal organs are not fully supported and sufferers may have difficulty controlling the release of urine, faeces or wind.

Symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor include genital prolapse, incontinence (leaking urine when sneezing or laughing for example), decreased sexual pleasure or pain during sex. This list is not exhaustive and you should always speak to your Doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or suspect that you have a weak pelvic floor.

Are Duo Balls easy to use? 

With a touch of lubricant the Duo Balls were easy to insert and easy to hold in place. I could feel the muscle tightening around them and set off for a good walk around Asda to give them a proper workout.

Now, although I could feel the duo balls jiggling as I walked. I felt no pleasure from the balls at all, the thick string had very little ‘give’ and had to be adjusted (discreetly) in the toilets to make them more comfortable.

Once adjusted, I quickly forgot that I was even wearing them and did the whole of the weekly shop, a visit to a friend (sorry Kate) and the housework without batting an eyelid. However, that wasn’t what I was hoping for at all. I wanted to be like the woman who was so overcome with a powerful orgasm in the supermarket that she fainted and they had to call an ambulance, instead I was serene and that was disappointing.

I do have experience with plastic duo balls as I own another set of similar balls and regularly exercise my pelvic muscles using them. I am very contentious about my pelvic muscles as I am a mother of 5 and at high risk of pelvic floor problems due to a high number of pregnancies including a multiple birth.

Once finished, the Duo Balls were easy to pull out and the string remained firm. They were washed with soap and water to keep them clean and are easy to store away because they are quite small and discreet.

As a sexual aid, I wouldn’t recommend them. They were rubbish to be honest as I felt nothing. As an aid to help tone the pelvic muscle then yes, they do work quite well. I rarely remember to do the Pelvic Lift exercises and have always used these kind of balls to keep my muscles firm and toned and luckily I have never had any problems in this area.

When speaking to customers, I usually recommend that they pop the duo balls in for at least 15-20 minutes a day and they should see results within six to eight weeks.

Like every muscle, it needs regular exercise to keep it firm and strong and there are loads of different kinds of products on the market to help you exercise it. As the muscles clench around the balls to hold them in they are receiving a good workout and that helps it to stay firm. I have been using the Perfect Balls for 3 weeks as a change from my usual product and the muscle is still strong and the Balls are in great condition.

If the muscles aren’t strong enough to hold the duo balls in, look for a product that is bigger and lighter and work with these until the muscles are strong enough to move to a smaller and heavier product. Try the more expensive LELO Luna Beads which have two varying weights for exercising the muscles. Boots also have an excellent range of Pelvic Cones with varying sizes for those who are experiencing difficulties but I must stress that your Doctor should be your first port of call if you are experiencing any of the difficulties that I mentioned above.

Overall thoughts on the Duo Balls

The similar variations of Duo Balls cost around £5.99 from any good sex toy retailers and are a cheap way to exercise the muscle but I wouldn’t recommend them as a sexual aid. They are pretty to look at and easy to use but overall a very basic product. They are a good exerciser for those, like me who forget to ‘lift’ and want to keep the muscle toned and strong with minimum effort but that’s about all.


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