Review of The Pipedream’s Clitty Spinner Dolphin (Updated)


Review of The Pipedream’s Clitty Spinner Dolphin

Reviewed by Lady Spanky
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I was excited to review this product after getting bored of the bog standard Rabbit Vibrators and have been on the lookout for something a bit different. The Dolpin promises to ‘twirl, tease and tantalize’ your clitoris instead of the constant direct pressure that you get with a Rabbit.
There are three levels of clitoral vibration from Mild to Wild and the shaft part of the vibrator also boasts 3 levels of Speed. Cleaning the vibrator is easy, simply use your normal toy cleaner and warm water.
The Dolphin vibrator is 100% Phthalates free and also water proof for fun in the shower or bath.
On first impression, I wasn’t impressed with the flimsy plastic packaging. Although the dolphin was intact, the box surrounding it arrived damaged after being beaten and bashed by our good old English postal system.
The dolphin itself looks extremely large and a little bit intimidating. Not the cute little dolphin that I imagined, but that’s not a bad thing I suppose…
Because of the size of it and its obvious vibrator appearance it would probably need to be stored in a drawer or a Lunchbox , especially if you have children. I liked the colour and the vibrator itself  looks nice and sturdy. Quite often I get sent toys and they can look very cheap and flimsy but the Dolphin looks like it’s built to last!
The Dolphin doesn’t come with any batteries and requires 3 A sized batteries for it to work. They are easy to insert and no fiddling with problematic catches is required. The bottom simply unscrews. Once switched on the Dolphin is quiet and discreet which I like. The vibration of the dolphin and shaft feel nice and strong, even on the lowest setting.
I don’t use any lube with this product and still find that it inserts quite easily, the vibrator is quite thick in girth but not an unmanageable size. I use it on the lowest setting (both the dolphin and shaft) and I can see that as the dolphin moves around in a circle it nudges my clit. As I start to become more turned on I crank up the settings to the second highest setting which increases speed of vibration and the movement of the dolphin and immediately I come.
There is no messing about with this vibrator! The vibrator can be maneuvered slightly so that it applies direct pressure on your clit which feels amazing.
After a shaky start I can definitely say that I am happy with the Dolphin vibrator – I came in less than a minute which is good if you are looking for a ‘sprint’ instead of a ‘marathon’.

At £24.46 I would say that it is good value for money as it is definitely built to last and I do believe that there is a lot more that the dolphin can offer, especially when used with a partner. My final verdict is that this is a keeper, oh and I am definitely looking forward to setting number 3 ;-)The Clitty Spinner Vibrator can be found on the Amazon website by following the link.

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