Top 10 Sex Toys For Left Handed People


Sex Toys For Left Handed People

Let’s face it, most products are created for those who are right handed. This can be pretty tricky for 10% of the population who are lefties and struggle to adapt in a right handed world. With a full day dedicated to our Left Handed friends on the 13th August. I thought it would be a great idea to explore my top 10 sex toys for left handed people.

With controls mostly aimed at right hand use, and angles that just don’t quite work when inserted using a left hand. I have scoured the internet to find my top 10 sex toys that are left hand friendly. If I’ve missed anything out or you want to share another idea, please leave a comment with your thoughts or contact me using my contact form.

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Wand Massagers are great sex toys for left handed people

With large buttons usually located in the middle of the wand. Wand Massagers are a great sex toy for those who are lefties.  There’s no awkward fumbling with the settings mid-orgasm, just powerful vibration and mind-blowing results.

Bullet Vibrators are the perfect sex toys for left handed people

Discreet, powerful and with a simple push button located at the base of the unit. Vibrating bullets like the RO 80mm Bullet are a brilliant sex toy for left handers. Not only are they easy to operate, but vibrating bullets are incredibly versatile too. Use to spice up foreplay, add a new dimension to penetrative sex or for amazing clitoral pleasure.

Clitoral Pumps are ideal sex toys for left handed people

Clit massagers pump blood closer to the surface of your vagina so it increases sensitivity during foreplay or masturbation. With the Perfect Touch Vibrating Pump the hand pump is perfectly placed for left hand use so you can move freely as you pump.

Ben Wa Balls are great sex toys for left handed people

Because they are worn inside the vagina, Ben Wa Balls are great sex toys for left handed people because they require very little use of your hands. Simply apply a little lubricant and insert the balls to enjoy discreet G spot stimulation without fiddling with those tricky right handed controls.

Suction Cup Toys are the perfect sex toys for left handed people

Suction cup sex toys are an excellent choice for those seeking hands free pleasure. Stick the sex toy to a smooth surface like a mirror or a tiled wall, and ride your way to an amazing climax. Because suction toys are hands free, your hands are free to explore the rest of your body as you play. Suction cup sex toys work really well in the bath or shower, or they can be attached to the washing machine for a spin cycle treat!



Fleshlight Strokers work brilliantly as sex toys for left handed people 

Fleshlight Strokers are the perfect sex toy for a left-handed man because unit is universal, so it works from any angle. Just remember to apply plenty of lubricant before you start and get ready to experience some amazing sensations.

Hands-Free Prostate Massagers make great Sex Toys For Left Handed People

Prostate massage and G Spot play with sex toys can be a little tricky for left handed people due to the precise stimulation required. However, powerful prostate massage is still possible with a hands-free prostate massager like the RO 7 Function Bad Boy Prostate Massager. Insert into the rectum and let the incredible sensations bring you to a sheet-clutching orgasm.


Glass Dildo’s are wonderful sex toys for left handed people

Made from toughed glass, glass sex toys can be cooled down or warmed up for exciting sensory play. Because they often contain stimulating ridges, glass sex toys have no tricky press functions and are an excellent sex toy for those who are left handed.


Butt Plugs are excellent sex toys for left handed people

Butt plugs stimulate the prostate for male users, and for women they push the anal cavity closer to the vaginal wall so sensations are intensified. Butt plugs are usually hands free and can vibrate so they are ideal for those looking for left handed sex toys.


Massage Candles make the perfect sex toys for left handed people

Sensual massage is a great way to get your partner in the mood for sex. Because you use both hands to touch and pleasure your lover, it doesn’t matter whether you are left or right handed. The LELO Massage candle or a similar product, is drizzled onto your lover before the oil is massaged into the skin. Erotic massage also helps to create intimacy between a couple and is an excellent way to spice up foreplay.




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