Review of the Fifty Shades of Grey Keyring


The Fifty Shades of Grey themed keyring was given to me by the lovely Heather who owns the Craft Factory in return for an honest and unbiased review. Heather makes so many beautiful items which range from Disney’s Frozen themed jewellery to bespoke Keyrings and pretty Bags of Thought. Everything is handmade and carefully crafted your requirements which gives the business a really personal touch.

If you want to check out items from the Craft Factory, you can like and follow their Facebook page. Heather is happy to post all items for a small fee and is contactable via the message function on the Facebook page.

The Fifty Shades of Grey themed Keyring retails at £6.50 and costs and extra £1 for delivery.

The key ring arrived in a lovely chiffon gift bag and comprises of a standard keyring fastener, 5 silver-tone chains, Tibetan silver charms and red glass beads. Items can be added and removed at the buyers request and different colours can be added too, although I presume that extra items may incur an extra cost so you will need to check when you order.

All the charms used on the Fifty Shades of Grey themed keyring are featured in parts of the trilogy and all have a special meaning for fans of the series. On my key ring, I was given Christian Greys silver tie, a masquerade mask, an A charm (for Anastasia) a C charm (for Christian) and the number 50 (for Fifty Shades). I also received handcuff charms and a key for the Red Room of Pain.

As key rings go, it’s pretty standard in terms of durability and uses. However, because it’s a key ring that’s been made with specific requirements in mind it’s a really unique and lovely piece of jewellery. It’s beautiful to look at and tells the story of Fifty Shades through the use of the charms. Because the charms aren’t huge, they are still quite discreet as Heather uses everyday items such as the key or tie, instead of a whip or flogger.

In terms of durability, I’ve had the Fifty Shades of Grey key ring for a couple of weeks now and it is still in the same perfect condition that it arrived in. The materials are great quality and this is reflected in the sturdiness of the key ring.


Overall, I really like this key ring. It’s a cute and quirky piece of jewellery nd at just £6.50, it’s a real bargain. I thought the red beads added a lovely splash of colour and it really brightened up my car keys.

I think it makes a lovely gift for a fan of the Fifty Shades series and I absolutely love mine.


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