About Voluptasse

As a busy working mum in the Lancashire area, I wanted to create a blog that appealed to people from all different walks of life. As a mother of five children, six if you include the husband, my vision was to create a lifestyle blog that most parents could relate to.

The Voluptasse magazine is a no holds barred look at many of the different areas of life that affect all of us such as sex and relationships, sexual health, mental health and family life. The magazine also takes a look at what Lancashire has to offer in terms of days out for families, friends and couples. Many of my product reviews are conducted by a team of reviewers, and feature items which range from simple kitchen appliances to more risque bedroom accessories and sex toys.

Those who like to cook may want to add their favourite recipes or take a look at my (often clumsy) attempts to create healthy, but pocket friendly meals for a family of seven. In addition to this, Voluptasse features my honest reviews on all different kinds of books. As an avid reader, book reviews are one of my greatest pleasures and something that I really enjoy.

The Voluptasse magazine is a blog which continues to evolve to suit the changing needs of my readers. If there is something that you’d like to add to a post, please feel free to comment. If there is something that you’d like to discuss privately, you can email me at contact@Volputasse.co.uk

Mel MacFarlane