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My Escort Agency Writer Service

Most escort agencies and directories have a website blog. However, a lot of escorts are not writers and require a specialist in escort website writing. I have over 4 years’ experience as an escort agency writer for the escort industry and have been creating unique content for escort websites all over the world. With a regularly updated articles and all topical subjects covered, your escort blog will help to drive traffic to your website and turn readers into new clients.

Escort Agency Content Writing

Writing content for escort agencies or dating websites is a niche market. However, because of the nature of their work, escort agencies often get bad press. I was first approached by an escort agency a number of years ago who were seeking a content writer for a brand new London escort agency. However, because I wasn’t sure what the role entailed and because of the nature of forced sex work, I was naturally a little nervous. However, after meeting and speaking with the agency at some length, it appeared that my reservations were unfounded. The escorts were happy, safe and well paid for the work that they were undertaking, and for an escort hoping to make money in a safe environment, an agency provided exactly what they needed. From this, my love of escort blog writing began to blossom.

Writing Content for Escort Websites

As with all businesses, there are escort agencies and dating websites who don’t have the same high standards as other agencies. However, I’ve been lucky enough to find myself writing for agencies who really do seem to care about the escorts that they represent. Furthermore, by hiring a professional escort agency writer like myself, they had even more time to concentrate on providing a great service, rather than worrying about great content.

Writing an Escort Agency Blog

The writing of the escort blogs themselves are a lot of fun because each and every escort agency that I have written for has had a different vision. Some prefer articles that are tailored to high class escort agencies, others like to focus on travel, I’ve written escort agency articles that discusses the different ways that escorts that protect their health. In short, no two escort agency requirements have even been the same! What I enjoy most during my role as an escort agency writer are creating fun and informative pieces that help to generate an income for both escort agencies and escorts alike.

Finding an Escort Agency Writer

After many years of working part time as an escort agency writer for escort agencies, I decided to bite the bullet and offer this service full time. My escort agency writer services can be anything that the agency desires, I have written escort descriptions, personal escort blogs, escort themed erotica, escort agency content like the frequently asked questions, escort agency recruitment advertisements and so much more. The list is endless!

For those who want to create a blog that gives a blow by blow account of life as an escort, I offer a ghost writing service that helps create an online memoir for the busy working escort.


If you’re interested in hiring my services as a specialist escort agency writer. You can discuss your requirements at and look at some samples of the work that I have created.




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